Digital Sign Content: Size Matters

A lot of our customers have terrific digital sign content – posters, videos, maps and PowerPoint presentations that they want to share on their screens. We always encourage our clients to repurpose content when they can, but you have to consider the technical aspects of your screens before you schedule your designs.

Display size, orientation, aspect ratio and resolution all affect how your content is displayed. If you don’t size your messages properly, they can be stretched or squeezed, making it difficult for your viewers to read and understand the information.

This is also important when you’re designing new content. Think about where and how it will be displayed BEFORE you start designing.

First, you should consider where the displays are. Small displays are hard to read if mounted high up. Interactive content has to be on a touchscreen that’s low enough for people to touch all areas of the screen (including shorter people or those in wheelchairs).  If the space only allows for a specific size or orientation, then design accordingly.

Second, consider the size and orientation of the screens. A smaller display may want one large content block, a larger display may benefit from two content zones or more. Your screens can be portrait or landscape, and the content should be designed to match that orientation. Don’t design tall graphics for a landscape screen nor wide graphics for a portrait display.

These posts will give you a better understanding of how aspect ratios and resolutions affect your designs:

With a little planning and knowledge of your screen specifications, you can design digital sign content that looks great and grabs attention.