Deliver Community Communications on Digital Signs

Does your local government or organization partner with the local community or charitable groups for fundraising and special events? If so – spread the word with community communications on digital signs!

You can build a true feeling of community by involving your audience in your non-profit activities. Create interest and let your viewers feel included in charitable programs and community outreach by publishing messages about your efforts on digital signs, desktops and more.

A message with basic information and directions for participation can help spur audiences to action and keeps your viewers informed about your civic efforts. Even if your organization isn’t formally involved, you can still collect and advertise community programs from event calendars, publications and websites. Our digital signage software lets you import and display event schedules, webpages and RSS feeds – so getting those messages on screens can be quick and easy.

Choose topics from your geographic community, your industry, or your favorite charitable clubs. Community communications on digital signs might include:

  • Calls for volunteers
  • Special events and fundraisers
  • Community resources and contacts
  • Blood and pledge drives
  • Appeal for donations
  • Committee or liaison programs
  • Association news

Remember to keep messages clear and concise, and start communications at least one month before an event or deadline. Repetition is key to gaining mind-share, and to allow viewers to remember and respond to your appeals.