Easy Digital Signage Content: Deliver Event Schedules

Every organization has meetings, conferences, training or some event that requires an itinerary or schedule. These event schedules are great sources for fast, easy digital signage content, so why not publish your schedules on your big screens?

Event schedules posted to digital displays allow for real-time updates that printed notices can’t economically match. Messaging systems can be paired with industry calendar and scheduling programs to automatically update displays throughout the day for timely and convenient delivery of agendas.

You can organize your schedule messages by date, topic or room – whatever system makes the most sense for your facility and your audience. Text and desktop messaging options can also keep audiences informed by delivering schedule messages to remote personal devices. And it works with an easy, drag-n-drop widget.

Expand your ideas of event scheduling. Instead of just posting meeting times, consider posting significant benchmarks and entertaining content for the day, month or year:

  • Visitor itineraries
  • Speaker bios
  • Wayfinding information
  • Break schedules
  • Registration deadlines
  • Travel and transportation schedules
  • Weather and news

Remember to keep schedules clear and concise. If you have event descriptions or instructions, deliver these in separate messages (perhaps in simultaneous windows) or refer viewers to web resources.

Keep audiences informed, on track and on time with creative event scheduling delivered on digital displays.