Show Something People Care About

We’ve talked about popular media types, auto-updating content and some fun ways to create messages. But we’ve saved the most important question for last. Are you showing content your audience cares about? Relevant digital signage content is always key.

As we’re constantly preaching – you have to grab attention to be successful. Although you may be pushing out lots of announcements you want people to see, if they don’t care about them, they won’t notice. That’s why you have to engage your audience with content they’re interested in on a regular basis. That way they’ll check the screens frequently and be exposed to all of the messages you want them to see.

Relevant in this case means interesting, timely content that appeals to your viewers.

  • Why are you showing your website homepage if it never changes?
  • Are you showing staff announcements to students who don’t need them?
  • Why aren’t you showing local news and weather to keep everyone updated?
  • Why not show traffic or shuttle maps when your audience is heading home or to lunch?

Make sure you’re not only showing real-time, news-worthy items, but also taking advantages of different layouts, playlists and players around your building or campus. Don’t send HQ-specific announcements to your branch in Albuquerque, and don’t bother your teachers in the lounge with student club announcements. And, as always, don’t let your content get stale.

It’s a simple concept, but one that we need to remind ourselves of on a regular basis. The next time you’re creating a message, ask yourself “Who cares?” Then publish it out to just that group, and place it alongside their favorite content.

If the answer is no one, why publish it? Only relevant digital signage content should make the cut.