Content Creation vs. Content Curation

We all know we need to keep our digital signage content fresh, but it can be difficult to constantly come up with new and interesting messages. Instead of always having to start from scratch, why not gather content in advance – called content curation – so you have a stockpile to draw from when you need ideas?

Content curation is simply finding, compiling, and presenting groups of content organized by subject matter. As you find interesting articles, videos, graphics, blogs, quotes – anything online that might be of interest to your viewers – gather it together by topic and store it for later reference.

You can use simple browser bookmarks to keep track of content, but why not make it a bit more interesting and easier to navigate? There are several popular sites that offer free curation like PearlTrees, Pinterest, Scoop.It and Bundlr to help you store and organize web content.

When you decide to turn your curated content into digital signage content, just draw from your library and make sure you add your own context to the topic to make it relevant to your viewers.

To learn more, here’s a terrific newsletter from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) to give you a good overview of content curation for organizational communications.