Connect the Back Office and the Factory Floor with Digital Signage

Manufacturing facilities are becoming more integrated all the time with new Ethernet and automation controls, and the difference between IT (Information technology) and OT (Operation Technology) is blurring. Cross-functionality, collaboration and systems integration are buzzwords your organization is probably already talking about. You can use manufacturing digital signage to encourage collaboration and unify two teams that don’t often come together – your administrators and your factory floor workers.

A good digital signage solution allows you to target specific screens with specific messages and playlists, so only the people who need know something see it. Start with simply letting your workers know about one another – “Get to Know Your Shop Steward” messages can be shown on displays in the admin area, and short bios about HR and Accounting employees can be shown on the floor. This reminds people that they’re part of a larger organization, and helps them recognize one another to foster a sense of community.

Speaking of recognition, use your digital signage displays to give shout outs to workers who have done well. Congratulate individuals or teams who’ve met or exceeded quotas or passed training certifications. You can also let people know about employee milestones, like “Bill Hicks has been working here 25 years today”. Or, you can even get more personal with announcements of wedding engagements, baby births and the like.

You’ll want to continue to knit your workers together into a cohesive whole by displaying reminders of things like job benefits and incentives. You might even give them a say in things by creating a quick online survey and then promoting it with messages that include a short URL or QR code to the online poll.

Metrics showing overall progress towards goals is another way to bring everyone together – data integration and KPIs displayed in an easy-to-understand graphic to inform people quickly as to where the company is as a whole. Safety reminders and messages showing how many days since an accident are great for the factory floor, but are also something your office staff need to know.


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If you have information to share that’s more in depth, put up a short message directing people to the appropriate intranet page for more details. Floor employees may seldom access the intranet, but if you give them a reason to, and remind them that it’s there for them, you might see more activity.

Digital signage creates a consistent, dynamic environment where interacting with information is as easy as looking at a screen. Employees become accustomed to it and dwell time (how long people will linger to look at a message) increases. This is especially true in break rooms, near elevator banks, in cafeterias and other areas where people are already spending time. Get them talking about your content to each other, and you’ll have a successful digital signage for manufacturing strategy.