Conference Room Signage: Sharing Event Information

You’ve expended a great deal of time and effort in getting all of the details for a meeting or event recorded, so it’s understandable that sometimes it feels like displaying that information on your conference room signage is just a footnote at the tail end of the process. However, that final obligation should really be viewed as an opportunity…a chance to:

  • raise awareness of – and involvement in – your programs and events
  • create a positive experience for visitors, especially those new to your facility
  • promote the image of your organization as one that cares about keeping people well-informed

No matter how extensively you’ve advertised a specific event (a training session or lecture, for example) or an ongoing initiative (such as a quarterly blood drive), there’s no call to action quite as powerful as an eye-catching entry on a screen in a lobby or hallway announcing that the session will be taking place soon. People on the move have already overcome one of the primary factors in low event attendance: inertia. Potential attendees “at rest” tend to remain at rest, but get their attention while they are in motion and they are much more likely to keep moving and ultimately attend the event.

The display of event information is also an opportunity to ensure that first-time visitors to your facility have a positive experience. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving just prior to a function and being unable to find it due to the lack of adequate direction. Much more satisfying is a situation where a new visitor walks into the building, sees the location and start time for their event prominently displayed and makes it to the room in plenty of time to settle in for the session.

The way in which event information is recorded in a reservation system (such as EMS), and then transmitted to a digital sign powered by Visix software, can greatly impact how easily it is read and digested. Consider this when booking space for an event:

  • Use event names that are descriptive but concise. “Staff meeting” leaves the reader asking the question, “For whom?” while, “Visix bi-weekly marketing staff meeting” is too long. “Visix marketing meeting” gives attendees all the information they need in at-a-glance length.
  • For private events, use discretion in choosing how to describe the gathering. In some cases, you may want to create a somewhat cryptic title that is shared with attendees in advance so they know what to look for. Or, you may choose to suppress information on the event entirely.
  • Modifying an event name to indicate a last-minute change in status (e.g., “CPR Training – CANCELLED”) can be a good way to get the attention of attendees who have not yet received the news.

In general, providing people with accurate and timely event information tells them that your organization has a vested interest in the success of their gathering and is eager to make it a positive experience. These are impressions you want to foster at every opportunity.

Article courtesy of EMS is a Visix business partner that offers a line of sophisticated software systems for meeting and event management, academic scheduling, shared workspace management, and online calendaring.