Benefits of Using Digital Signage Themes and Templates

Excuse us for using some of our own jargon in this article, but we think it will be pretty clear from the context. If you’re an AxisTV user, you’ll already be familiar with the terminology. The basic gist of digital signage themes and templates is – use pretty, matching graphics to make your digital signage design look better.

What is a Theme?

A theme is a set of coordinating elements that make up the overall look of your digital signage display:

  • Layouts
  • Layout Wallpapers
  • Message Backgrounds
  • Templates
  • Logo
  • Date/Time Modules
  • Weather Modules

There are many benefits to using themes. Here are just a few:

  • Themes, because the elements are visually coordinated, is more pleasing to the eye than a background and content that doesn’t match, or worse, clashes.
  • Themes can enforce your organization’s brand or identity.
  • A beautiful screen commands attention for a faster grasp of information.
  • Changing themes regularly can also capture people’s interest because they’ll want to see what you do next. Remember, the goal is to get people to look at your screens often.
  • Themes can make simple content look more interesting.
  • By changing your theme, you can create a completely new look without burdening your content creators. They simply use the templates you provide as they always have, but your screens have gotten a facelift.

A theme can be anything you want it to be. What inspires you? Some ideas for themes are:

  • Branding – match your organization’s identity
  • Colors – have several themes based on your brand’s color palette
  • Holidays – get in the spirit
  • Seasonal – that gives you at least four looks in a year
  • Departmental – highlight different areas of your organization
  • Decorative – match your facility’s décor

What is a Template?

A digital signage template is a message template that includes a background image, text and image blocks, and text styles that are set by your digital signage manager so content creators just have to fill-in-the-blanks.

Why Use Templates?

  • Maintain the look that you want – No tacky content allowed!
  • Enforce your brand standards
  • Templates are the EASIEST and FASTEST way for people to contribute
  • No creative ability required….just fill in the blanks!
  • User Accounts can be limited to “Template User”

Using themes with coordinating elements, like templates, ensures your digital signs will look polished and professional year round.

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