8 Digital Signage Content Ideas

It’s easy to get into a rut with your messages and we all know that showing the same old stuff loses viewers. So here are 8 content ideas for digital signage that you may not have thought of.

1. PowerPoint 
Now, you may already be using PowerPoint to create your content, but what about all those presentations floating around the office? Marketing teams usually have lots of presentations, and HR is a great source for training and benefits slides. If finance has the latest revenue figures or productivity stats, why not share them?

2. Web pages
If your software lets you create webpage messages, you can point to any URL and display it on your screens. Why recreate an event calendar if you already have it on the web? This is also a good way to pull in current weather or post social media or survey results.

3. Profiles
Why not spotlight an employee, student or work team? This is a great motivator for the people featured and it creates a more close-knit atmosphere when people learn something they may not have known about their peers.

4. Press releases
Whether it’s your own press release or industry news, copying and pasting current headlines into messages and tickers is a great way to keep your audience engaged. But remember, always site your source.

5. Publications
Do you belong to associations? Or, maybe you subscribe to industry magazines or newsletters. Sharing articles, tidbits and research from your industry rounds out your content by adding a broader context. Again, though, don’t forget to cite your source.

6. “How To” topics
Just a quick sentence or a few bullet points of how-to info goes a long way to make your digital signage a trusted resource. Don’t be afraid to go outside of daily business topics.   Think about what interests people – from Excel tips to health advice and recipes – you have a virtually limitless pool to draw from.

7. Loyalty programs
We all know about frequent flyer programs, but how can you reward your viewers for their loyalty? Just invite viewers to register for your program, then advertise contests and rewards specific to them on your digital signs. Something like “The first 5 members to call extension 23 win a Starbucks gift card.” If watching your digital signage software is the only way people can get these rewards, they’ll be more likely to watch more often and it will give other viewers an incentive to sign up and keep their eyes on the screens.

8. Community News
Many of you sponsor or participate in community events and charity drives. Publishing that information can help spur audiences to sign up and keep your viewers informed about your ongoing civic efforts and their opportunities to volunteer.

Those are just 8 ideas to get you started. Now go create some great new content!