6 AxisTV Features You Should Be Using

AxisTV software has an extensive list of enterprise features and tools to help you streamline processes, maximize your screens and engage your audience. Here are six of them that you may not be using, but should:

Active Directory Authentication

This offers users a faster, more secure, and more scalable authentication system and saves time for administrators by avoiding individual account configuration. Use it so your team doesn’t have to keep up with login names and passwords, and your administrators don’t waste time resetting credentials each time someone loses track.

Player Snapshots

This convenient feature provides a list of all media players currently on the system and shows a snapshot of what’s playing on each one. It’s a great way to review your layouts in action and check in on remote screens in off-site locations.

Playback Tracking

Want to know the nitty gritty on your content stats? AxisTV can report the duration and number of plays for a selected message across all playlists and players. Simply choose your message and specify the date range for the report.

Live Data Integration

Show real-time data from a variety of sources to keep your audiences up to date. AxisTV seamlessly pulls data feeds into a variety of formats: show calendar data as messages; import RSS feeds as tickers; and display webpages for full graphics and data visualizations.


Configure alarms to notify you of system issues. You can specify what email addresses should be notified when alarms become active, as well as which alarms become active and why. At any time, you can see all active alarms on all AxisTV devices connected to the content server.

Wireless Networking

For those who want to forego ugly cables to their media players, we offer a plug-in card that allows your player to connect wirelessly to a Wireless Local Area Network.

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