55 Things to Display on Your Digital Signage

Your digital signage offers you incredible opportunities to engage your audiences in entertaining, informative and educational ways, so why not take advantage of everything you can do with it? It can be hard to think of things to display on your digital signage system to keep it fresh and dynamic, so we’ve put together a list of 55 fun and unique content ideas to display on your digital signs.

Thanks to modern software tools, and more and easier integration with external apps, the options for digital signage content are only limited by your imagination. It’s perfect for educating your employees about the company, showcasing training opportunities or simply displaying some fun tidbits that don’t have anything to do with work!

Digital signage can take your corporate communications to the next level:

  1. Cable news
  2. Department photos
  3. Photos of employees with their families or pets
  4. Photos of employee’s pets
  5. Safety tips
  6. Stock market info
  7. Company newsletter content
  8. Sports scores
  9. Weekly trivia questions
  10. Employee birthdays
  11. Company announcements
  12. Weather forecast
  13. Tips for healthy eating
  14. Company milestones
  15. Photos from the company holiday party
  16. Meeting room schedules
  17. Cafeteria menu
  18. Company Twitter feed
  19. Company Facebook page
  20. Inspirational quotes
  21. Training tips
  22. Places near the office to go after work (happy hour, etc.)
  23. Professional development opportunities
  24. Employee awards and accolades
  25. Vacation schedules
  26. Foreign language lessons
  27. Local movie schedules
  28. List of books recommended by employees
  29. Books that are useful for professional development
  30. Local attractions (sporting events, hiking trails, theater productions, etc.)
  31. Ads for local services (dog walking, childcare, dry cleaning, etc.)
  32. Employee bios
  33. Photos from company softball games
  34. Productivity tips
  35. New employee spotlights
  36. Recipe of the week
  37. Company financial performance
  38. Recommended professional blogs
  39. Meet your HR team
  40. Community art classes
  41. History of the company
  42. Featured travel destination of the week
  43. Open positions within the company
  44. RSS Feeds
  45. What to do in the event of an injury
  46. Company giveaways
  47. Fitness tips
  48. Entertainment news
  49. App download of the week
  50. Tech tips
  51. Meet our interns
  52. Important contact info
  53. Employee’s favorite movies
  54. News from other company branches
  55. Brand and marketing information

This is just a small sample of the incredible content that’s available to you when you choose a digital signage solution for your corporate communications. Don’t let your signs languish with the same old messages playing on a constant loop.

Consult with Visix to see how state-of-the-art corporate communications can make your workplace safer, more productive and more enjoyable for the entire team.