The Year of the Customer: Take Advantage of Digital Signage Services

You know you need to engage your audience, keeping them interested while informing them every day. And that takes more than just pushing out messages to your digital signs – it’s a balancing act of strategic thinking, communications savvy and technical know-how. Visix is dedicated to helping you accomplish this, even when you don’t have a software problem that needs fixing. A good digital signage plan is actually a process – constantly changing, evolving and responding. Visix has declared this the Year of the Customer – offering award-winning digital signage services and tools to help both new and existing digital signage customers better engage their audiences.

Consulting and Professional Services

If you’ve already got digital signage, we can help make it more effective and engaging. Our expert consultants can conduct a needs analysis to delve into how you’re using your digital signage system, and recommend new strategies and practices at all levels of the deployment. And we don’t just address technical tools – we look at your entire communications strategy.

We can help craft campaigns that engage viewers over time with ROI measurement tools that can feed back into your digital signage plan. Needs some message ideas? We can help you there as well.

In fact, there’s no aspect of your digital signage we can’t help with:

  • Messaging campaigns
  • Content sources
  • Naming policies
  • Design and layouts
  • Playlist management
  • Content scheduling
  • ROI for everything from one-off messages to ongoing campaigns
  • Recommendations for going forward

If you’re already using our products, consider a quick conversation or audit to see what you can improve. If you’re new to digital signage, we can help you fine-tune things from the start, reducing the learning curve and helping make your digital signs as effective as possible from day one.

Our professionals services team can even help with setting up your system and managing it day-to-day. It’s like adding extra members to your staff who are wholly dedicated to your digital signage success. Whatever you need done, we can do on a part-time or full-time basis – adding players to an expanding system, data mapping to external sources, creating templates, setting up user accounts, writing guidelines and policies, managing content and more.

Let us help you figure out exactly what you want to accomplish, and how to reach those goals.

Creative Services

If our professional services offering is like expanding your digital signage department, our creative services team is like adding a whole multimedia arm. Our award-winning designers can craft all types of design elements for your signage system. We can create screen layouts, templates, message backgrounds, artwork, videos and more, whether you’re new or existing customer.

We can also create tailored interactive projects for your touchscreens – wayfinding, directories, donor boards, digital menus, etc. You tell us what you want to accomplish, and we’ll make it happen in a way that reinforces your brand while also engaging your audience.

Whether it’s brand new content, or refreshing your current signs, we can get people looking at your screens and talking about what they find there. We also act as content consultants, helping you decide if it’s best to simply make a single message on a topic, or link several together into a campaign, or even if adding gamification elements might get the response you want. All of our designs start with your engagement goals in mind.

Cloud Hosting and HaaS

For new clients, having your content manager hosted in the cloud might be just the thing. You know you always have the most up-to-date version of the software, and you don’t have to take care of server updates. It can also be less expensive – costs are deferred through a monthly subscription instead of a big cash outlay at the beginning.

Our Hardware as a Service (HaaS) lets you to keep initial costs down as well as making sure everything is using the most current drivers and upgrades. All RMAs and warranties are the responsibility of the leasing vendor, not you. And if you lease your hardware, that cost becomes an operational expense, the entire amount of which is tax deductible under IRS Code Section 179.

If you’re thinking of expanding your deployment – either adding more screens and locations, or simply needing more players because you want to create more targeted communications by putting specific content on certain screens, hardware subscriptions can help you with media player costs.

Project Management and Implementation

New clients might want us to take on the burdens and responsibilities of getting a new digital signage system up and running, and existing clients can need assistance with expansions. A dedicated Project Manager can take care of all your needs – from dealing with documentation and delivery of equipment, to liaison with integration partners, coordinating all departments and services, and setting up training and technical support.

Our implementation team can take care of all the technical details, like setting up publishers and data adapters, configuring SMTP settings and proxies, going over boot schedules and security policies, and much more.


Visix offers extensive training on an annual subscription basis. For one fee, you get unlimited access to our online LMS, which has a huge and expanding resource library, for as many people as you want, to be accessed as many times as you want. Basically, you pay to get in the door, and then go where and when you like. All accessible anytime from anywhere.

Whether someone in your organization needs a refresher, or wants to start using a new feature, or a new user is coming on board and needs to know how use the software, our training answers all your questions.

And we also offer online courses with live trainers for a more personal training experience. If you prefer, we can do on-site training, training you on the actual equipment you use every day.


Our award-winning support team gets 96% customer satisfaction rates, and most tickets are closed within 1-2 business days. That’s just about unprecedented for a tech company. Like with training, we offer a support subscription service, which gives you priority support (meaning you automatically go to the front of the queue), as well as access to our extensive (and always growing) knowledge base with FAQs and documentations.

A support subscription also gives you free software updates (usually 3-4 times a year), free weather subscriptions and the option to participate in evaluating pre-release software offerings. Again, you pay for the subscription, and that’s it – nothing else for you to worry about. And we will never renew your subscription without your approval.

Free Resources

In addition to our array of services that can help you with pretty much any aspect of your digital signage system, we have a huge library of blogs, infographics, white papers, videos, eBooks, and podcasts. And more are getting added all the time. Go to the Resources section of our website and start browsing.

You can also keep current on what’s happening with our software, services and resources by subscribing to our monthly email newsletter.

No matter what you might want or need, Visix is here to help. And not just when you have a problem. We want your digital signage to be as effective as possible, and our nearly two decades of experience is available for you to tap into any time you want.

This year is all about you, the customer, and helping you utilize the most powerful organizational communications tool around – digital signage – to its absolute fullest. If you’d like to explore digital signage services for your organization, contact us today.