10 Digital Signage Start-Up Tips

Digital signage is a big investment, so you’ll want to be sure your implementation goes as smoothly as possible. These are our Top 10 digital signage start-up tips:

1. Get the right people involved.

Identify one technical leader – this will be someone in your IT department. A Visix digital signage content management system has specific requirements. In addition to meeting initial network requirements, the system needs to be maintained over time. Technical leaders serve as the first point of internal escalation for technical issues, work with Visix Support to resolve issues, and plan for regular system maintenance, data backups and software updates.

Identify one content leader – this will likely be someone in Marketing or Communications with an eye for design and an understanding of what type of information you want to publish for your audience. Content leaders make decisions not only on the look and feel of the content, but will also decide who has access to create and approve content and where the content will play.

2. Build the infrastructure.

Work with Visix and your AV integrator. All hardware (content manager, media players, displays and video distribution equipment) should be installed prior to the software implementation.

3. Understand the process.

Schedule a pre-implementation call with Visix. Your network administrator and AV integrator should attend. We’ll help make sure the network people understand the system requirements prior to the implementation date and review the implementation checklist with all parties.

4. Plan your content.

List the types and sources for communications you’ll want to publish. Knowing what you want to display, and where, will help you plan your playlists and content settings.

Think about using content that you already have. Most standard image and video files can also be imported into AxisTV, and PowerPoint is also an option.

Determine who can contribute, what creative resources you have and what approval process you’ll employ, if any.

5. Let Visix help.

Purchase a Branded Theme Pack. The Visix Creative Team will work with you to design a custom look for your digital signage so you look great on Day 1. Custom layouts and coordinating backgrounds will be applied and scheduled during your implementation.

Purchase remote implementation services. Visix can do the software configuration for you via remote connection using WebEx Support Center. If your organization doesn’t allow access to WebEx, talk to your Visix Account Representative about our on-site services.

6. Start simple.

If creating content seems overwhelming, start with one content block for corporate or campus-wide announcements. Use our premium weather service, Visix News service and RSS feeds in other content blocks and tickers. These update automatically, keeping content fresh and your audience interested with minimal effort.

7. Attend training.

With our training subscription you get one year of unlimited access to six online courses. Plan to take the training on or near your implementation date so that you can start using your system immediately after training. This helps you to apply what you’ve learned and locks in the information. As you come across new questions or new people join your organization, you can take the training session again.

Take advantage of custom training. This is a two-hour training session customized just for your organization, and is available to customers who purchase the training package at no additional charge. Query our trainers to address the specific needs of your organization and focus on the features that are most important to your AxisTV deployment.

8. Publish policies.

By publishing standardized policies about how to create, manage and deliver your visual communications, you can streamline workflows and improve your messages’ content and look. List basic branding criteria, formatting rules, approval processes and contacts.

9. Apply regular software updates.

Take advantage of new features. Attend “New Features” webinars offered with each new release to understand how the new features can be used in your environment. Software maintenance customers receive software updates at no charge.

10. Call Visix!

If at any time during your deployment process you have questions about what to do next, contact your Project Manager at Visix. We’re here to help.