10 Things to Show on Digital Hotel Signs

Digital signage can help improve your customers’ experience and increase their satisfaction by displaying things on screens that they need and want. Here are ten ideas for what you can show on your digital hotel signs:

1. Announcements
News and announcements can be displayed in the lobby for guests, and in the back office for your employees. Target each audience with messages that show things they need – for guests, that would be welcome messages, local attractions, and special offers; for employees, vacancy reports, sales numbers and the like. Each screen or grouping of screens can show whatever content is most appropriate to the audience in that location.

2. Wayfinding & Directories
Self-service touchscreens let your hotel guests find where they need to go quickly and easily, while freeing up time for your staff. Show floor plans and property maps, locations for elevators, restaurants, ATMs, gyms, business centers and other amenities on site. Offer directories of events, rooms, departments and personnel, and give point-to-point directions to make getting from A to B fast and efficient.

3. Event Schedules
Tie your digital signage to your calendaring system, so daily event and room schedules can be automatically displayed for your guests. Digital rooms signs outside meeting spaces can offer a flexible and attractive way to help them know where to go, while also allowing you to display break schedules and reminders.

4. Weather
Your guests are probably not going to stay in the hotel all day, so show them the current temperature and weather so they can be prepared and comfortable when they leave. A five-day forecast lets them plan ahead, and showing the date and time also helps them keep everything straight as they plan their stay in your city.

5. Transportation
Show information on the local airport – how to get there, estimated taxi fares and travel times, departure and arrival boards. Also, display the nearest taxi stands and public transportation options. Free up your reception and concierge staff by offering interactive touchscreen kiosks that allow immediate booking of car rentals, tickets and passes for public transportation, or flight check-in.

6. Business Feeds
Many guests are in town on business, so show them some information they want. Display up-to-date currency conversion rates, the current status of NASDAQ, NYSE and S&P 500 companies, and individual stock performance throughout the day. This information can update automatically, and will always be the most current information available.

7. Emergency Alerts
The health and safety of your guests depends on the speed and accuracy of your response in a crisis. When severe weather or a security situation hits, instantly override all your screens with predesigned alert messages that contain clear, concise direction for both guests and staff.

8. Advertising
You can increase revenues by offering space on your digital signage to local vendors and services, and also promote all the things on offer in your own facility. Special offers at restaurants and cafes, retail spaces and gaming rooms will engage your guests and drive traffic, and revenue, to those services.

9. Property Highlights
It’s one thing to be told about the on-site spa, swimming pool or business center when checking in, but it’s another to see beautiful, high-definition photos along with opening hours and pricing. Make things easy for your guests by displaying photos paired with location, opening hours and telephone extensions for all of your property services and facilities.

10. Brand Awareness
Manage your reputation by displaying loyalty programs, social media feeds, testimonials from satisfied customers, and even your own mobile app. Pair these messages with nearby touchscreen kiosks that let people sign up for rewards, fill out satisfaction surveys, and post online ratings and reviews. Make them feel like they are part of your brand family.

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