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Visix has been providing messaging solutions to users in education, business, government, healthcare, hospitality, and worship venues for over 30 years. We’re proud to work with schools and companies of all sizes and types. Read these digital signage software reviews from our customers:

Corporate & Manufacturing Digital Signage

Cardinal Glass Industries

“Visix technical people are superior, and always have the right fix and the right answers when we get ourselves in trouble. Communication success for our organization is their priority.”

Constellium Rolled Products Ravenswood, LLC

“Great company to work with. Their support has been outstanding, and their product works as designed. Up and running from scratch in no time.”

Excel Industries

“I had a request to change something in Visix and was not sure how to do it, and sent an email to Visix Support. Visix Support actually called me and walked me through the process! That’s what I call great customer service.”

MEG Energy

“Visix sets the standard rarely seen in support. The team is both knowledgeable and professional. Issues are dealt with swiftly – better yet, they rarely occur.”


“The system is easy to use. The consistency of messaging, rapid turnaround, and cost savings are huge.”

Dayton Freight

“Visix will save us a lot of money over time. In fact, the system will pay for itself in about three years.”


“Visix software allows you to create communications and get them out there very quickly.”

Gibbs Die Casting

“(The software) helps us get to people wherever they might be.”

Price Chopper

“We can use the alert mode to let people know exactly what is happening in real time.”

Bank & Financial Digital Signage

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Visix support. Very knowledgeable, friendly and most of all, efficient.”

Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union

“AxisTV allows for really crazy simple uploading of graphics for immediate response on the system…awesome.”

Lynn Insurance Group

“You can schedule timeframes for a message to display hassle and worry free.”


“It easily integrated with our existing infrastructure…it’s indispensable.”

Government Digital Signage

Fort Sam Houston

“AxisTV is an easy system, user-friendly, and the ability to post emergency alerts was a major selling point.”

Franklin County Board of Supervisors

“The dynamic nature of it, and the simplicity from a technology point of view, really makes this a great system for our needs.”

Healthcare & Hospital Digital Signage

University of Kansas Medical Center

“Visix Support was able to fix the issue and communicate well on what was being done every step of the way. I want to thank you for your positive attitude and humble approach to supporting this user with her digital signage issue!”

Adventist Health System

“The reason we prefer Visix to any other solution is that it’s so easy to use.”

Carolinas Healthcare System

“The response is rapid – we can send out messages almost immediately, and the scope is very wide. It’s also an extremely flexible system.”

Central Baptist Hospital

“Integration was really simple…it really took care of itself.”

Hamilton Health Care System

“It’s easy to use and, being web-based, it’s easily accessible from anywhere. You can change and update content pretty effortlessly.”

Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center

“It’s a great way to get information in front of our patients – there’s a better chance they will see it than on a old-fashioned bulletin board…We’ve seen increased participation in clinics and activities.”

Hotel, Hospitality & Conference Digital Signage

Crowne Plaza Buckhead

“It’s awesome. It’s a great system.”

New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

“Visix support has been great… It’s been a very collaborative process.”

Northwestern University Norris Center

“It’s web-based, user-friendly, and we have 100% control of the content and scheduling.”

University of Georgia Conference Center & Hotel

“It pretty much runs itself.”

Church Digital Signage

Chapelwood United Methodist Church

“AxisTV saves us time and printing costs.”

Highland Park Presbyterian Church

“It’s easy to use and the consistency of message we get from AxisTV is key to what we’re doing here.”

University & School Digital Signage

American University

“Content creation, because its web based, just couldn’t be easier.”

Bryant University

“If there’s an emergency, everyone can be notified immediately.”

Catholic University

“The advantage of AxisTV is that you can have multiple users with layered security.”

Coastal Carolina University

“AxisTV can get your message out much more quickly and effectively than a piece of paper on the wall.”

Colorado State University-Pueblo

“There’s a kind of coolness factor to using digital signage, and we’re changing the attitude towards paper flyers. The message today is: go digital, go green.”

Georgia Perimeter College

“Visix has a knowledgeable sales staff. They had good clear view of what the product could do now and in the future.”

Goodwin College

“The ease of use and control we have over the system, combined with the speed at which messages can be displayed, makes Visix a tremendous solution for digital signage.”

Montgomery County Community College

“AxisTV has made it a lot simpler to disseminate information to our students.”

Mountain Empire Community College

“It’s extremely easy to use…I can do it with my eyes closed.”

Ohio State University

“It’s flexible, it’s fast, and it lets us get breaking news out quickly.”

Queens College

“It’s just a well thought out, rock solid product.”

Rowan University

“Once you’re set up, it’s all web based so anybody can do it.”

Shelton State Community College

“It really allows us to keep a connection with our students, faculty, staff and community members…It’s helped us draw in more participation in campus events.”

Virginia Commonwealth University

“Our ability to push information beyond displays to PCs and portable devices is invaluable.”

University of Iowa

“The Visix system is easy to use, adaptable to our purposes, and very reliable – and it’s green.”

University of Kentucky

“The scheduling ability is great. Once it’s up, we don’t have to touch it again.”

University of South Florida

“If there’s an emergency on campus, all of our screens go into alert mode.”

University of Virginia

“I estimate it has reduced our paper usage by 10 to 15 percent.”

University of Western Ontario

“It has delivered more than we ever expected.”

Univerity of Wisconsin Oshkosh

“It has made my work easier, it has made our communications more effective and it has made us a lot greener. AxisTV really has exceeded my expectations.”

University of Wisconsin River Falls

“We looked at a lot of other products, but kept coming back to Visix because of the front-end interface.”

Virginia Western Community College

“It has the best price-to-feature ratio and is performing all the tasks we need, so we haven’t had to look anywhere else for our campus communications.”

Yale University

“It’s very versatile.”