AxisTV v.9.4

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Check out the latest releases of our software:

AxisTV v.9.4 New User InterfaceAxisTV 9.4

This latest release has important feature enhancements including a brand new user interface design, support for VLC players and RTSP streams, and improved scheduling features.

AxisTV Web UI and AxisTV Utilities Have a New Look

AxisTV has been updated with a new color palette and imagery for a more modern look and better user experience. This new design has been applied to both the web interface and AxisTV Utilities.

Channel Players Now Support RTSP and VLC Player

The AxisTV channel player has been enhanced to support both RTSP streams and the VLC Player. VLC Player is now the default player for all media streams, but users can, per channel player, change the stream player to QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player.

Improvements to the System Dashboard

We’ve updated the AxisTV dashboard with better player snapshot indicators, alert notification feature and better scheduling tools.

Improvements to Now Playing

In Now Playing | Playlists or Tickers, the “Same Schedule” checkbox no longer mandates that groups always use the same schedule. We’ve also added a “Day of Week” filter. When the user selects this filter, selections for individual days are enabled as checkboxes so you can select more than one day of the week.

Alert Notification Now Supports Slow Networks

AxisTV skips players that don’t respond within a set amount of time for alert notifications. We’ve extended the channel player timeout for alerts to five seconds to accommodate slower networks.

Other enhancements:

  • Improvements for hosted deployments
  • Improved setup for PowerPoint 2013 native playback
  • Security dialog added to channel player console
  • Improved template performance and calendar display in web UI
  • Various bug fixes

Request the release notes for any software version for a detailed list of enhancements and fixes.