Connect 2.4 Room Signs

The latest release of our Connect room signs adds support for grouping signs, and includes other enhancements to workflows.

Connect 2.4

Rooms Groups Feature Added

The Connect Room Manager now gives administrators the ability to create room groups and assign devices to room groups. This feature allows users to search for available rooms within the room groups.

Layout Groups Feature Added

Layouts Groups has been added to allow different message images, logos, and distinct feature sets to be shown on different Connect signs and to permit the application of the same layout to multiple displays.

Find Available Rooms Feature Added

A new feature called Find Available Rooms allows users to search for available rooms to schedule meetings when it is enabled. When the feature is disabled, the Find Available Rooms button is not visible to users.

Administrator PIN Added

A four-digit PIN can be designated to prevent unauthorized access to room sign administrative features.

Upcoming meeting information displayed in Meeting-in-Progress overlay

The Meeting-in-Progress box that pops up on the room sign screen when the room is in use now displays upcoming meetings.

Meeting title can be disabled

The administrator now can prevent meeting details from showing up on the room sign. When this option is selected, only the meeting organizer will be displayed.

Added option to select Group or 1st Contact as organizer for EMS events

In EMS, both contacts and groups can be designated as the event organizer. Support has been added to allow the administrator to select either contacts or groups to be displayed as the meeting organizer on the room sign.

Renamed and enhanced “Run Meeting Unattended” feature

Run Meeting Unattended has been renamed Meeting Attendant. The function’s behavior has been reversed so that if the option is left unselected, which is the default setting, a user is not required to confirm the meeting. Selecting the check box for Meeting Attendant activates the Confirm button on the sign and requires a user to tap the button within the first 15 minutes of the meeting to prevent the meeting from being ended early and the room showing as available.

Other enhancements:

  • Room sign options that are not available to the user appear in gray on the room sign screen.
  • A default layout that includes the Visix logo and sample messages has been added to the system.
  • Various bug fixes


Connect 2.3

Support for EMS 

Connect room manager application now supports EMS calendar in XML and JSON response modes. You can select which language is being used by the EMS API in the Calendar Types workflow. After configuring the EMS API connection, you can add a Calendar and map it to the desired room using drop down menus in the Add Calendar workflow. These drop down menus automatically load the builds and rooms available in each building when EMS calendar is selected.

Other enhancements:

  • Users no longer have to select what version of Exchange they are using. (Connect supports Exchange 2007 through 2016, and Office 365.)
  • Run unattended meetings is selected by default upon installation to reflect user preferences.
  • Support for special characters for Exchange passwords has been added.
  • Corrected issue with Office 365 delegation where calendar events were not displaying when added from room sign.
  • Logo images are now correctly positioned, correcting an issue where the tops of images were being cropped.
  • Corrected issue where events were being created with a status of “free” which allowed double-booking of the resource.  All bookings now show a status of “busy”.


Connect 2.2

New Room Signs

  • Lower price point
  • New room sign appliance in widescreen format
  • Lower power consumption; operating temperature 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Power options via POE network switches, optional POE injectors, or by included DC power supplies

Clients Can Now Use Interactive Resource Icons to Report Issues

When touched, there is a sequence of dialogs to allow users to notify the administrator that there is an issue with the selected room resource (projector, phone, etc.). Depending on how the feature is configured, a PIN may be required to report or reset the icons. After the issue is reported, the icon will show a red circle and slash to indicate the resource is out of service. Once it is marked as resolved, the icon will display normally. 

Other enhancements:

  • Meeting overlays now display consistently
  • Organizer for recurring meetings in Exchange displays properly


Connect 2.1

Our latest Connect update addresses customer feedback and adds in support for Exchange 365:

  • Support for Office 365 version of Exchange
  • Recurring meetings in Google are now recognized
  • The screensaver timeout has been set to a default value of 60 seconds
  • Changes made to prevent duplicate device names from being used, with error message to inform user that “Device name already exists!”
  • Correction to enforce future booking time limits


Connect 2.0

Connect 2.0 introduces a new UI, support for delegation in Exchange, and a host of other feature enhancements:

  • New Room Sign UI Layout
  • Support for delegation in Exchange
  • Added Enterprise functionality so that multiple users can be added and managed
  • Ability to require a PIN to book a meeting at the room sign
  • Ability to disable booking feature altogether for a read-only schedule
  • Ability to display room name per room sign
  • Ability to show room resources
  • Ability to view other room availability
  • Improved image handling for logos and messages

Other enhancements:

  • Make booking limit into future configurable in number of hours
  • Remote software update for the Room Sign APK from server
  • Software update notification for the Admin Server

Request the release notes for any software version for a detailed list of enhancements and fixes.

AxisTV v.9.5 Digital Signage Software Update


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The latest releases for our AxisTV and Conference applications come directly from customer feedback. They focus on improvements in event management and data mapping to make room scheduling and calendar display easier and more efficient.

AxisTV v.9.5

Improvement to Room Scheduling Features

There is now a single Booking PIN option to prevent unauthorized people from booking rooms on Touch room signs.

If Touch room signs are configured to “EnableBookingPin” in the kiosk.exe.config file, and a Booking PIN has been entered, all Touch room signs will require the PIN when a user attempts schedule changes. If the Booking PIN is empty, any user can apply changes to Touch schedules.

Accommodate Private Appointments in Exchange

Clients now have the ability to exclude and/or hide names of private events when configuring event schedule messages via Exchange. Private appointments can be configured three ways:

  • Exclude
  • Show normally
  • Show under new description (Private)

If private appointments are excluded from the schedule message, availability lights will not change for that appointment.

Other Enhancements

  • Removed size limits for push publication
  • Improved video stream playback
  • EMS adapter event window changed to avoid timeout
  • Various bug fixes

Conference 1.9

Option to Exclude Expired Events on EPS Room Sign Calendars

The EPS output summary now includes a checkbox “Exclude expired events” when the EPS schedule is selected. It is located between the Output Times mask and the Room Filter controls.

New Default Time Range for All Input Sources

Users requested the default range for all input sources be changed for “First Events Starts” and “Retrieve” to guarantee the fetching of all the current day’s events. The Input Sources window now defaults to “1 day ago” for the “First Event Starts” field and “3 days” for the “Retrieve” field.

Improved RoomKeys to Address Character Limits

The EPS export now includes a new RoomKey column that filters characters in the RoomName column, keeping only letters and numbers. (The RoomName column contains either the source room name or a user defined room name.) When the export determines that two or more RoomKeys are duplicates after illegal character elimination, it appends an integer, starting with 1, and increments for each duplicate.

Other Enhancements

  • Improved CollegeNet R25 Integration
  • Test Output Button added for faster troubleshooting
  • More details about import errors

Request the release notes for any software version for a detailed list of enhancements and fixes.