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Once your content is in AxisTV, use our online CMS to schedule and manage your messages. The calendar scheduler allows for dayparting, and designating an end time to ensure that messages automatically retire from your playlist. Whether you’re sitting at a Mac or PC, you can manage your signage content from Chrome, IE, Safari or Firefox on any web-connected machine.

Popular Inputs

Digital signage software inputs

AxisTV has three components: the software, a content manager, and any number of media players. Authorized users access the content manager and software tools through their LAN/WAN or the internet via our friendly web interface to create, manage and schedule content.

Messages are grouped in playlists that are published over a TCP/IP network and are cached on chosen media players to feed displays at scheduled times and intervals. You can send separate playlists to select media players from a single content manager, letting you target specific locations with the communications they need.

Visix media players live on your network as appliances outputting audio and video to as many displays as you like. They support static and dynamic IP addresses, and remote updates and diagnostics allow maximum accessibility to deliver information quickly.

Sample System Diagram

AxisTV Sample System Diagram

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That’s up to you. You only need one content manager, and the CMS can feed as many screens, big and small, as you like. And each media player can power multiple screens.

You can share publishing authority with multiple users or set up an approval process that limits access to just a few people.

AxisTV has management tools for backgrounds and content, players and displays and overall system settings. System administrators can view reports and can even affect global changes using our software’s alert mode to override scheduled content.

Built to Scale

No matter what size your organization, we’ve got you covered. Our AxisTV digital signage software uses a browser-based content management system that’s scalable for enterprise-wide solutions or can be configured to meet the needs of smaller networks.

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