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Get Interactive

Effective wayfinding is essential for every organization – corporate and college campuses, healthcare facilities, government buildings, hotel and conference centers and more.

Our custom interactive wayfinding maps lead your visitors through your facility and give your audience a convenient self-service source for information. Why not provide your audience with detailed directions in a rich, engaging and modern format using touchscreen technology?

Whether it’s a single building floor or an entire campus, our experienced designers can tailor a wayfinding solution for your organization. Our creative team will work with your facility planners, marketing experts and project managers to concept, design, implement and test your interactive wayfinding kiosks. We’ll recommend proven systems while always keeping your individual needs in mind.

In addition to maps, we’ll integrate color coding and icon systems that allow your visitors to instantly recognize common destinations, exits, restrooms, elevators and stairs. Stylish redundant controls at the bottom of the screen ensure that your design is ADA compliant.

An obvious “You Are Here” locator is included in every design to make sure viewers know where they’re starting from, and easy visual paths guide them from their current location to their destination.

What happens when they walk away from the screen? We can integrate a QR tag or SMS option to send point-to-point directions to the user’s mobile device upon request.

Visix can build 100% custom interactive wayfinding specific to your needs with floor-based wayfinding, personnel and department directories, digital signage announcements and more:

  • 100% custom designs
  • 3D or flat map renderings
  • Campus-wide, building-specific and area maps
  • Point-to-point directions and visual paths
  • Directories tied to map locations
  • Event location mapping
  • Built-in ADA controls
  • Mobile device integration with QR codes and SMS
  • Auto-play content for dormant screens
  • Color-coding for designated buildings or areas
  • Custom icon systems for common areas (stairs, exits, etc.)
  • Full-screen or integrated with traditional digital signage
  • Branded to your specifications

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Affordable Packages

Now it’s easier than ever to deploy interactive wayfinding and directories for your building or campus with affordable design packages from Visix.

We’ll incorporate your colors, font and logo with all the basics that you need for an informative, user-friendly design. Extra functions can be added, like web access for updating directory content at any time and from anywhere. Let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Interactive Wayfinding Package

  • Portrait or landscape design in one resolution
  • 3 Floor maps or 1 campus map with “You Are Here” indicator
  • Noted landmarks like restrooms, stairs/elevators, and exits with matching legend
  • 2 Directories of your choice sorted alphabetically or numerically with interactive buttons
  • Interactive alphabet at bottom of screen for quick searching
  • Design tailored to your brand with your logo, colors and font
  • Date/time incorporated into the design
  • All interactivity at the bottom of the screen for ADA compliance


Affordable Interactive Wayfinding from Visix

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Interactive Directory Package

  • Portrait or landscape design in one resolution
  • 2 Directories of your choice sorted alphabetically or numerically with interactive buttons
  • Interactive alphabet at bottom of screen for quick searching
  • Design tailored to your brand with your logo, colors and font
  • Date/time incorporated into the design
  • All interactivity at the bottom of the screen for ADA compliance


Affordable Interactive Directories from Visix

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Both our wayfinding and directory packages are available as either hard-coded data that resides on your channel player, or as a hosted solution from Visix where you can update data via a website.

Pricing includes full project management by a Visix Creative Services specialist and installation and scheduling of the design in your AxisTV system. Hardware and software licenses are not included.

We are also happy to quote additions or custom projects.
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Modular Wayfinding

Modular Interactive Wayfinding

WayPoint™ is the most affordable interactive wayfinding product on the market today, giving any organization the power of interactive communications. This touchscreen-supported product combines several content modules into a branded interactive layout to save the expense of a full custom design.

WayPoint™ is ideal for clients needing to show large-area maps like campuses, cities or counties. Modules for auto-updating date and time, news, weather and RSS feeds provide timely information, while Google Maps shows places of interest with customizable icons and info baloons.

Custom wayfinding maps can be incorporated to lead your visitors through your facility, and all of the WayPoint™ modules are wrapped in a customized skin that incorporates your logo, colors and branding.

  • Interactive wayfinding and digital signage
  • Customized content and branding
  • Modular data feed support for AccuWeather, UPI News, Twitter and RSS
  • Localized Google Maps with editable icons
  • CAP-compliant alert message support
  • Multi-touch support

WayPoint™ is powered by our AxisTV digital signage software, so you can display all of your digital signage content within the touchscreen layout. WayPoint™ also allows alert notices to be triggered by CAP messages. The fully integrated WayPoint™ license includes:

  • 1 Channel Player software license
  • 1 Customized layout at 1366×768 or 1920×768
  • 10 Matching Templates
  • 1 Year weather and news subscription
  • 1 Twitter module
  • RSS feed support
  • 1 Interactive Google map with 10 points of interest
  • 1 Year software maintenance agreement
  • Managing Content training course
  • Installation of content into the Content Manager

WayPoint™ is a software-only solution and does not include hardware. An AxisTV content manager, media player and a touchscreen display is required.

Mobile Wayfinding App

Walk Away from the Screen

Visix Mobile Wayfinding AppVisix’s mobile wayfinding app provides responsive indoor navigation for smartphones. The app can be used as an extension of traditional kiosk-based wayfinding or as a stand-alone solution.

Each app is custom branded for your organization and uses photography from your own buildings. Picture-based guidance paired with simple directions moves employees, customers and visitors through your interior spaces quickly and easily.

The app communicates with proximity beacons strategically placed at directional milestones throughout your facility. As visitors walk through a building, beacons report their arrival at key areas, and the app provides turn-by-turn directions and other contextual content on their phone.

The proximity beacons use low-energy Bluetooth to communicate with both iOS and Android devices. They can cover a range of up to 150 feet, are completely wireless, are easy to mount and run on AA batteries.

Our app also leverages a macro-location technology called geofencing that draws a perimeter around an outdoor building. Powered by a smartphone’s GPS, the app knows when the geofence is penetrated, and it then sends a push notification to that person’s phone.

Your visitors are welcomed upon their arrival at your building or campus with a pop-up notice on their smartphone, and just a tap of the screen provides access to instructions. Now you can greet people as they arrive at your building or campus and provide visual guidance from the parking lot to any space in your facility.

You can also deliver directories, event schedules, announcements and other dynamic content within the mobile app, providing another way for you to engage your audience with daily communications.

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