AxisTV is an enterprise digital signage software solution for unified visual communications across the organization. Allow multiple content designers and managers to contribute to your communications. AxisTV is ideal to:

  • Install a scalable solution
  • Allow many people to contribute content
  • Take advantage of a wide plug-in feature set
  • Publish to desktops, smartphones and tablets
  • Get your system up quickly and easily
  • Flexible deployment – Cloud, hybrid, on-premise

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AxisTV digital signage software offers the following features:

  • Manage screens and meeting room signs
  • Publish CAP-compliant alert notifications
  • Create multi-zone layouts with tickers
  • Use templates for controlled formatting
  • Choose from a large background library
  • Import graphics, videos, PowerPoint and more
  • Extract event data from scheduling applications
  • Include interactive wayfinding, directories and more

Digital signage software is perfect for managing communication in schools, universities, businesses, healthcare facilities and more. Read our application stories and find out how others are using our digital signage software to improve communications in their organization.

Either on your own or with the help of our creative team, it’s easy to create eye-catching digital signage designs:

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Client Testimonials

How Clients are Using Visix Digital Signage Software

Del Monte
In all locations, displays are placed in high traffic areas, such as near elevators and cafeterias, for maximum exposure. Del Monte’s AxisTV system displays welcome messages for new hires, weather maps and a weather ticker, live CNN and traffic cams, and other communications to help their employees feel included and informed. “Our focus is on employee information,” says David Glenn, Director of IT Enterprise Operations. “We see this as a collaborative tool.”

Frito Lay
Before AxisTV, communicating vital information to a diverse employee base was always a manual process. “We had a lot of easels and bulletin boards and things like that in public traffic areas,” says Rick Crick, Project Manager. “We wanted to get away from that.”

AxisTV allows them to drive content to electronic media rather than print, so the communication team spends less time and consumes less paper, which is not only more cost effective. It also supports the company’s aims to be more environmentally friendly. Employee Resources Manager, Kelli Barley put it simply. “We knew it and we liked it. This new version gives us more options, additional graphics capabilities, and more options for fonts and colors.”

“Our digital signage system has improved our communication to the employees in the control rooms,” says Belinda Edge, Systems Analyst. “It has become another avenue for reaching the technicians who do not sit at computers all day long.”

Fort Sam Houston
They immediately saw the advantages of Visix digital signage solutions and began the process to have the system approved and championed by command leadership. “It’s an easy system, user-friendly, and the ability to post emergency alerts across the bottom of the screens was a major selling point,” says Florence P. Emery, Chief of the Training Program Management Office in the Department of Academic Support and Quality Assurance at the facility. “Our students are so busy, their time is so compressed – we wanted to make them more self-sufficient in getting the information they need.”

Carolinas Healthcare System
“We use (QR) tags to allow our audience to register for classes and get information on upcoming events and seminars,” says Cathy-Jo Long, Program Coordinator for Physician Education. “Time is very precious to our physicians, so they can use their smartphones to capture information as they go from one place to another.This process saves time, so physicians can spend quality time with their patients.”

New Orleans Convention Center
Clients get plenty of exposure when using the facility. “We’ve got 143 meeting rooms, some with one sign, some with two – 230 MeetingMinders™ in all. Then we have 40 42-inch screens on rolling stands that can be moved to wherever we need them.” Displayed bulletins include some general information – like restaurant menus or airport departure schedules, as well as messages targeted directly to the client. “We customize to the client – put their logos on the screens, which they feel is a nice touch, and every meeting room is signed,” says Paul O’Connell, Director of IT Services.

Yale University
AxisTV digital signage software helps them present a modern approach to communications to their faculty, students, guest lecturers, scholars and visitors. “It’s very versatile,” says Lisa Brennan, Web Administrator and Graphic Designer. “We have a number of different things up on the Board at once, all instantly updated. It’s really the only place we can consolidate everything and present it to our audience in a compact, concise way.”

Companies that use Visix Digital Signage Software for Business