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Enterprise Digital Signage Software

AxisTV digital signage software  drives unified visual communications across your organization – a single application that publishes messages, media and alerts to displays, desktops, room signs, webpages and smartphones throughout your facility, across campus or to multiple locations in different cities.

Because it’s browser-based, AxisTV gives a virtually-unlimited number of participants the access and freedom to create and schedule content across your network from anywhere in the world.

AxisTV uses intuitive menus, simple wizards and step-by-step instructions to guide users through a streamlined process to publish content. Creating a message is as simple as filling out a form; instructive prompts make importing media files a breeze; and calendar-based daypart scheduling simplifies publishing.

People with minimal design and technology experience can create engaging messages using AxisTV tools and templates or easily import graphics and media from other sources like PowerPoint.

AxisTV licensing is scalable to the number of players you need, and you can add a variety of plugins to maximize your options. With basic training and mid-tier IT support, you can get your screens online and start publishing content the same day.

AxisTV Highlights:
  • User-friendly, browser-based interface
  • Extensive layout and message background library
  • Intuitive design and scheduling tools
  • Templates for controlled formatting
  • Supports a wide variety of multimedia
  • Layout editor for multi-zoned content and tickers
  • Hot spots for kiosking to interactive content
  • CAP-compliant triggers for alert notifications
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Administrator tools for centralized system management
  • User rights, roles and access management
  • Player publishers for scalability
  • Manage MeetingMinder™ meeting room signs
  • Extensive selection of optional plug-ins
  • Comprehensive training package
  • Free updates with a Software Maintenance Agreement

AxisTV can be delivered as software only, as a pre-imaged PC solution, or hosted in the cloud.

Platform Technology

Intuitive Technology for Communications


Our Design Tools let you set visual standards for your messages, creating easy-to-use templates with simple fields for your team to fill in. Share publishing authority with multiple users or set up an approval process that limits access to just a few people.

Auto-updating content like news and weather feeds can be included to keep people updated, and easy importing tools let you bring in a wide variety of media types. AxisTV digital signage software also supports hot spots for kiosking to interactive wayfinding and data visualizations.

Inputs and Endpoints Diagram for AxisTV


Once your content is in AxisTV, use our intuitive controls to schedule and manage your messages. The calendar scheduler allows for dayparting, and designating an end time ensures that messages are retired from your playlist automatically.

AxisTV has management tools for backgrounds and content, players and displays, and overall system settings. System administrators can view reports and can even effect global changes using our software’s Alert Mode to override scheduled playlists and deliver critical notifications.

AxisTV digital signage software uses a browser-based content management system that is scalable for enterprise-wide solutions or can be configured to meet the needs of smaller networks.
Digital Signage Software System Diagram for AxisTV


AxisTV has three components: the AxisTV software, a content manager, and any number of media players. Authorized users access the content manager and software tools through their LAN/WAN or the internet via our friendly web interface to create, manage and schedule content.

Messages are grouped in playlists that are published over a TCP/IP network and cached on chosen media players to feed displays at scheduled times and intervals.

Visix media players reside on your network as appliances outputting audio and video to as many displays as you like. They support static and dynamic IP addresses. Remote updates and diagnostics allow maximum accessibility to deliver information quickly.

You can send separate playlists to select media players from a single content manager, letting you target individual locations with the communications they need.

Design Tools

Cool Workspace. Quick Widgets. Cloud Sync.

Template Design and Editing
Layout Design and Editing
Local or Cloud Synchronization

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AxisTV Design

AxisTV Design provides an intuitive, powerful design environment for creating messages, templates and layouts right on your desktop.

It uses a completely new user interface modeled after familiar Microsoft Office designs, and improves upon all of your favorite design tools and features in AxisTV.

You can create your messages, templates and layouts from scratch or from a previous design.

This robust application lets you place design elements exactly where you want them with timesaving tools that make it simple to build stunning content to capture your audience’s attention:

  • Drag-and-drop widgets
  • Guides and rulers with snap
  • Flexible workspace sizing
  • Familiar user interface
  • Design offline and sync later

Because AxisTV Design runs on the desktop, users can create content offline when they need to and synchronize with the system once they’re connected to the network. You can share publishing authority with multiple users or set up an approval process to limit access.

AxisTV Desktop

Our Desktop application gives legacy AxisTV users access to tools they’re familiar with for designing and importing content.

The Import tool lets you upload multiple images and videos at one time, as well as large file sizes. The Web Page Message utility gives you tools for cropping and positioning webpages for display in your layouts.

You can also edit templates and layouts, or create content using our legacy Free Form designer. Modify your designs between AxisTV Design and AxisTV Desktop interchangeably without disruption.

Popular Features

Powerful Features for Engagement

> Active Directory Authentication
> User Rights, Roles and Access Management
> Event Data Integration
> Live Data Integration
> CAP-Compliant Alert Triggers
> Messaging Publishers
> Support for Room Signs

Active Directory Authentication

With Active Directory support, your users don’t have to keep up with login names and passwords as they access the AxisTV platform. Authentication is taken care of so they can focus on building engaging content, and your administrators don’t waste time resetting passwords.

User Rights, Roles and Access Management

Through our web interface, administrators can easily assign predefined user roles or create custom roles to provide the right level of system privileges for each user. Access to playlists and media players can be set per user or department, and profiles can quickly be replicated as more people participate.

Event Data Integration

AxisTV easily imports calendar data from your scheduling application to show room and event schedules on digital signs. Our Conference application pulls together schedules from a variety of calendar programs, taking care of integration with the scheduling system you’re already using:

  • Microsoft Exchange and Exchange 365
  • EMS by Dean Evans & Associates
  • Google Calendars
  • R25/25Live by CollegeNET
  • Delphi by Newmarket
  • Text file import

Conference supports multiple event management systems – and multiple instances of those systems – in the same installation, so it can easily support all the systems across an organization.

You can use Conference in conjunction with AxisTV digital signage software, or as a stand-alone application to power MeetingMinder™ EPS room signs.

Live Data Integration

Keep your audience updated in real-time with live data integration from a variety of sources. AxisTV seamlessly pulls data into a variety of formats:

  • Pull data feeds into predetermined message templates
  • Show text feeds as tickers
  • Display webpages for full graphics and data visualizations

Weather: Premium weather subscriptions powered by AccuWeather are now included with your Software Maintenance Agreement. Show 5-day forecasts and current weather conditions on any player with animated weather icons. You can also choose to show free weather content from the National Weather Service.

News: Choose from our News Subscriptions to show Top News, Health, Business, Entertainment, Sports and Quirks in the News from UPI. Schedule your feeds to show up as messages or tickers – you choose the category, the format and the pace.

Web Content: Show live webpage content that’s unique to your organization or industry. Easily point to dashboards, performance metrics, intranet content, or location-specific content like:

  • Social Media: Show off your social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more – by simply selecting the area of the page you want to show and scheduling it in AxisTV.
  • Shuttle Mapping: Real-time shuttle tracking offers riders a safe, comfortable, and convenient way to track bus routes and timetables instead of standing around at the stop.
  • Energy Dashboards: Share your building’s energy and water usage information using simple, beautiful graphics that can be interactive or static. This is a great way to educate your audience and encourage conservation.


CAP-Compliant Alert Triggers

AxisTV’s Alert Mode lets you override scheduled content with just a few clicks – supplant all messages on the entire system or choose specific players to override for local alerts.

You can activate manual alert overrides using the software interface, or we provide multiple ways for integrated third-party systems to automatically trigger your alert notices. External systems can include mass notification and text messaging services, emergency notification systems, public address systems, and others.

Four Ways to Trigger an AxisTV Alert Notice:

CAP-Compliant Emergency Alert Notification for Digital Signage

Visibility and accountability are paramount in alert communications. AxisTV audits alert actions including activation, deactivation, updates and configuration to provide you with visibility into historical alert incidents, as well as ongoing alert incidents.

Messaging Publishers

AxisTV publishers are optional plugins that let you send digital signage messages and alerts beyond displays to thousands of endpoints you already own:

  • Desktop Messenger – send messages to desktops as a graphic in a pop-up window
  • Screensaver Publisher – show messages on dormant PCs in a looping sequence
  • Mobile Module – publish content to smartphones and tablets using HTML5
  • RSS Publisher – make any digital signage playlist available as an RSS feed

All of our publishers seamlessly integrate with each other and other Visix technologies to deliver your digital signage content from anywhere to anywhere.

Support for Room Signs

AxisTV lets you publish all of your messages, media, alerts and schedules to our MeetingMinder™ Touch interactive room signs, for a perfect extension of your digital signage system.

For a full list of AxisTV features, contact us.