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Enterprise Digital Signage Software

AxisTV is an enterprise digital signage software solution for unified visual communications across the organization – a single software application that publishes messages, media and alerts to displays, desktops, web pages, room signs and smartphones throughout your facility, across campus or to multiple locations in different cities.

Browser-based access gives multiple contributors artistic freedom to create and schedule content across your network from anywhere in the world.

This all-in-one digital signage software solution uses intuitive menus, simple wizards and step-by-step instructions to guide users through a streamlined process to publish content to traditional multi-zone layouts. Creating a message is as simple as filling out a form; instructive prompts make importing media files a breeze; and calendar-based scheduling simplifies publishing.

People with minimal design or technology experience can create engaging messages using AxisTV tools and templates or easily import graphics and media from other sources like PowerPoint.

AxisTV licensing is scalable to the number of players you need, and a variety of plug-ins can be added to the software to maximize your options. With basic training and mid-tier IT support, you can get your screens online and start publishing content the same day.

AxisTV Highlights:
  • Access our user-friendly, browser based interface from anywhere
  • Choose from an extensive library of layout and message backgrounds
  • Streamline workflows with easy creation and scheduling tools
  • Create and use templates for controlled formatting
  • Import a wide variety of multimedia or create your own messages
  • Schedule a variety of multi-zone layouts with tickers
  • Show interactive wayfinding and charting for data visualization
  • Use our CAP-compliant trigger for alert notifications
  • Take advantage of Active Directory authentication
  • Manage user rights, roles and access
  • Incorporate device control for energy savings
  • Choose from a wide variety of optional plug-ins
  • Publish to screens, desktops, smartphones, tablets and web pages
  • Manage MeetingMinder™ interactive meeting room signs
  • Take advantage of our AxisTV Digital Signage Software Training Series
  • Get free software updates with our Software Maintenance Agreement

AxisTV can be delivered as software only, as a pre-imaged PC solution, or as a hosted service.



Our template editor lets you set up visual standards for your messages, creating easy-to-use templates with simple fields for your team to fill in. Share publishing authority with multiple users or set up an approval process that limits access to just a few people.

Auto-updating content like news and weather feeds can be included to keep people up-to-date and easy importing tools let you bring in a wide variety of media types. AxisTV digital signage software also supports Flash-based interactivity and charting for interactive wayfinding and data visualizations.


Once your content is in AxisTV digital signage software, use intuitive controls to schedule and manage your messages. The calendar scheduler allows for dayparting, and designating an end time ensures that messages “fall off” the play rotation without user intervention.

AxisTV digital signage software also has management tools for digital signage backgrounds and content, players and displays, and overall system settings. System administrators can view reports and can even effect global changes using our digital signage software’s Alert Mode to override scheduled playlists and deliver critical notifications.

AxisTV digital signage software uses a browser-based content management system that is scalable for enterprise-wide solutions or can be configured to meet the needs of smaller networks.

Digital Signage Software System Diagram for AxisTV


AxisTV has three components: the AxisTV software, a content manager, and any number of media players. Authorized users access the content manager and software tools through their LAN/WAN or the Internet via an friendly web interface to create, manage and schedule content.

Messages are grouped in playlists that are published over a TCP/IP network and cached on chosen media players to feed displays at scheduled times and intervals.

Visix media players reside on your network as appliances outputting audio and video to as many displays as you like. They support static and dynamic IP addresses, and remote updates and diagnostics allow maximum accessibility to deliver information quickly.

From a single content manager, you can send separate playlists to select media players, letting you target individual locations with the communications they need.

Alert Mode

CAP-Complaint Alert Triggers

When you need to broadcast an urgent message, you want to communicate with your audience as soon as possible to notify them and keep them informed.

Our digital signage software is designed with alert notifications in mind, allowing you to override all scheduled content with just a few mouse clicks. Supplant all scheduled content on the entire system or, if you prefer, to targeted regions.

AxisTV’s Alert Notification module allows for manual alert overrides using the software interface and provides multiple ways for integrated third-party systems to automatically trigger your alert notices – by posting CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) messages to the content manager, sending emails to the content manager, or by communicating with the available API.

These external systems can include mass notification and text messaging services, emergency notification systems, public address systems, and others.

Four Ways to Trigger an AxisTV Alert Notice:

CAP-Compliant Emergency Alert Notification for Digital Signage

Visibility and accountability are paramount in alert communications. AxisTV audits alert actions including activation, deactivation, updates and configuration to provide you with visibility into historical alert incidents, as well as ongoing alert incidents.

Messaging Publishers

Think Outside the Sign

Visix publishers deliver digital signage content to mobile devices and PCs, ensuring your message isn’t lost in the clutter of daily communications. Powered by our popular AxisTV digital signage software platform, our publishers allow you to go beyond digital signage to thousands of endpoints to reach your audience when and where they need. Leverage the displays you already own to avoid a costly investment in screens.

Targeted Messaging to Desktop Computer Screens
Desktop Messenger

Desktop Messenger offers an alternative to expensive displays by delivering your message directly to desktops. Specified PC users in your network see messages as a graphic in a pop-up window that they can view full screen by double-clicking or close with a single click. Desktop Messenger moves your important announcements past email clients, web pages and pop-up blockers. It enhances your security and emergency preparedness because communicators have the control and flexibility to display alert announcements with detailed instructions within minutes.

Digital Signage Messaging to ScreensaversScreensaver Publisher

With Screensaver Publisher from Visix, whenever selected PCs go into screensaver mode, a small client application fetches the latest messages from your digital signage content manager and displays them on that desktop in a looping sequence. Not only does it keep individuals better informed, it offers you an extremely cost-effective way to expand your messaging reach. By selecting desktops in strategic locations, you reap the benefits of digital signage without having to buy expensive displays or can reinforce your large screen communications.

AxisTV Digital Signage Software publishes to smartphones and tabletsRSS Publisher & Mobile Module

Deliver messages to smartphones, tablets, web pages and RSS readers to reach audiences in the building, on the campus, or on the go. Mobile Module allows AxisTV users to publish content to smartphones and tablets using HTML5. The pre-designed module can be added to an existing web server, and is capable of determining the type of mobile device (Android or Apple) and formatting image-based content to that device.

RSS Publisher makes any digital signage playlist available for download as an RSS feed. This allows anyone with an RSS-enabled device to download and access your messages. This makes it easy to send alerts and announcements, and to supplement your messages with changing news, weather and traffic information.

Our publishers have three main components: a content manager, a client software application and the publisher. Authorized users access the content manager and publisher tools via our friendly web interface to create, manage and schedule their content. Messages are grouped into named distribution lists for easy management. The publisher then delivers content at scheduled times and intervals. All of our publishers can be seamlessly integrated with each other and other Visix technologies to deliver your digital signage content for maximum message saturation.