Design Standards for Digital Signage Content

Digital signage design standards include a large array of considerations – a lot more than just graphic design or the number of words you should have in your message.

  • How can you get your message across effectively in ten-seconds?
  • How can you help audiences remember the messages they see?
  • How can you design content to engage a moving target (our audience)?

People are walking past our digital displays, and they have tons of other information vying for their attention: print ads, text messages, phone calls, and all manner of digital marketing. How will you get them to pay attention to your message, remember it, and act on it?

This white paper should help you create great content they can’t ignore. We cover an array of useful digital signage design standards

  • It’s Not Print
  • Understanding Aspect Ratios and Resolution
  • Communication Through Storytelling
  • Design with ROI in Mind
  • Brand Standards for Digital Signage
  • Using Themes and Templates
  • Designing Layouts for Different Viewers
  • Backgrounds Aren’t Backdrops
  • Top Six Graphic Design Tips
  • Emotional Triggers
  • Recognition Cues
  • Effective Copy
  • Chunking Information
  • Consider Context
  • Avoid Clutter
  • Audio or No Audio?
  • Keeping Content Fresh