Engage 4 Generations in the Workplace with Digital Signage

There are currently four generations in the workplace, and each of them communicates and responds to technology very differently. If you’re using digital signage, you need to craft your communications to reach each audience in a way that will grab their attention and get them to respond:

  • Veterans – Born before 1945, currently in their 70s or older
    People from this generation didn’t grow up with technology everywhere, Make your screens friendlier to get them interested in what you’re showing.
  • Boomers – Born 1946-1965, currently in their 50s to 70s
    Boomers want to express themselves and are very focused on work. They are all about knowing what’s happening and why.
  • Generation X – Born 1966-1985, currently in their 30s to 50s
    Xers want the big picture, but they also want specifics and transparency. They’re comfortable getting their info in many different formats.
  • Millennials – Born 1986-2005, currently around 30 or under
    Millennials are not only comfortable with digital communication – they expect it. They are unhappy with push messaging and like info to be interactive.

Need some advice on how you can engage everyone in your workforce? We can help. In the meantime, download our infographic for more detail on how to optimize your digital signage to engage different generations in the workplace:

Download our free infographic to learn how to Engage 4 Generations in the Workplace

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