Educate and motivate on the same screen

Whether you’re a Human Resources professional or an Internal Communications specialist, your highest priorities are employee education, morale and retention. Employee engagement is the key to all of these and digital signage is a proven medium for unifying and motivating your workforce.

AxisTV digital signage software lets you publish compelling communications across your entire organization from a central source. Showcase employee achievements, share upcoming events and spotlight social media to build participation and community.

Digital signage displays also:

  • Reinforce the consistency of your brand, culture and goals
  • Decrease the impact of rumors and water cooler conversations
  • Motivate through timely performance updates and recognition
  • Improve response time for action items
  • Increase trust and reliance on corporate communications
  • Reduce paper and waste by replacing printed materials

This isn’t only about making people feel included – employee engagement is a bottom-line imperative. When employees see a direct connection between what they do every day and what the company’s goals are, they have a greater commitment to getting the job done, trust managers’ decisions more readily and have fewer on-the-job conflicts. This lets the organization run more smoothly and increases productivity.

Let us provide you with an enterprise solution to help shape your culture and inspire collaboration within your entire workforce, no matter if it’s in a single building or scattered across the globe.

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