Facilities Management

Use digital signage displays, interactive wayfinding and room management solutions to modernize and maximize your space.

Increase Safety and Efficiencies On Site

Digital signage has changed the way facilities are managed. You’re no longer stuck with placards and arrows for wayfinding, sirens for safety and boring plaques for meeting rooms.

Our digital signage software helps you inform and engage your audience – whether they’re staff or visitors – by publishing dynamic messages, media and alerts across a building or across an entire campus. Show visitor greetings, staff announcements, energy dashboards and real-time shuttle mapping to enhance the visitor experience and improve safety.

With our digital signage products, you can:

Publish messages to a single screen or across multiple facilities

Use CAP-compliant alert triggers for safety notices

Enhance the visitor experience with interactive directories and wayfinding

Use room signs to manage shared spaces more efficiently

Our interactive maps and directory kits give you a modern, immersive solution to building and campus wayfinding. Using our award-winning designs, you can lead your visitors through your facility and give your audience a convenient self-service information source.

Whether it’s a corporate headquarters, a college campus or a hospital, our room signs can help you manage your shared spaces more efficiently. We have affordable e-paper signs for office hoteling and interactive models that allow walk-up reservations at the door. All of our room signs easily integrate with your existing scheduling software and mount right out of the box without additional hardware.

Let us help you tailor a state-of-the-art solution for your facility.

Start connecting your venue and the people in it today.

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We make it simple to connect and communicate

Digital signage has been proven to improve communications. Look over these resources for more information about why and how you can use digital signs to engage employees, visitors, students and other target audiences.

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