AxisTV v.9.8 Software Update

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The latest releases for our AxisTV and Conference applications come directly from customer feedback. They focus on some basic improvements and fixes to make content management easier and more efficient.

AxisTV v.9.8

Support for current version of VLC

AxisTV Channel Player has been updated to work with version 3.0.2 of VLC media player. NOTE: This update is not backward compatible with older versions of VLC media player. After a player has been upgraded to AxisTV 9.8.0, the VLC media player must be upgraded to version 3.0.2 or newer.

Play Mode enhancements

The Change Mode workflow, which is accessible via System Tools | Mode, now includes a new column, Display Group, which shows the display group(s) for each player. The Change Mode (for display groups) workflow, accessible via Configure | Player | Play, now shows all play modes associated with the players constituting each display group, with the number of players for each play mode shown in parentheses.

Event and News Message scheduling enhanced

The schedule step for Create | Events and Create | News offered the option to specify pace as either automatic, based on amount of text or a specific number of seconds. Both of these plugins use their own rules to specify the pace of each message. The Event Message Plugin uses the pace settings in the event group configuration while the News Message Plugin always sets the pace automatically based on the amount of text. 

Other enhancements:

  • Obsolete features removed from web user interface
  • Various bug fixes

AxisTV v.9.7

Added HTML5 Browser Overlay to Channel Player

The Web Page Overlay has been enhanced to include Chromium 63 via the Chromium Embedded Framework. This new, installer-bundled web browser runs as a native program without interference from Microsoft .NET. This enhancement provides improved playback for complex HTML5 web pages and applications on displays up to 4K.

Mass Alert Issue Addressed

Large installations using CAP listener have experienced challenges with third-party alerting software not waiting for CAP requests to complete on all players. The alerting facility within AxisTV has been modified to address this issue.

Mouse Cursor No Longer Visible Over HTML5 Browser Overlay

Because the mouse is not needed for Web Page Playback or for touch-oriented content, the mouse cursor is now hidden when the mouse is moved over the new HTML5 Browser Over-lay.

Other enhancements:

  • LED Initialization on New Touch 10 Devices Adjusted
  • Various bug fixes

AxisTV v.9.6

AxisTV help link has been updated

The AxisTV help link has been updated from the old page-referenced help to ’s online help at

Default passwords no longer reset during upgrades

During upgrades, the passwords for the default accounts were reset to the default of “tech.” This has been changed so that if the default passwords have been changed they will no longer reset to the default during AxisTV software updates.

Default media player for all video file playback is updated to Windows Media Player

The default player for video playback for all video files has been updated to Windows Media Player. This change doesn’t affect the default player for streams. MediaMap.exe is updated so that all video files playback defaults to Windows media player; how-ever, upgrades will not affect previously selected MediaMap settings.

Allowed Text Adapter to import events when EMS is used for Interactive MeetingMinder

If EMS was specified as the event data source in the AxisTV Web UI, the corresponding (EMS) adapter would run automatically, which interfered with text adapter if AxisTV Conference was used to import events. A new feature has been added that allows the adapter to be disabled in the Tei.Settings.xml file thereby allowing iMM functionality while using Conference/Text Adapter for event data retreval.

Performance improving enhancements

The Dashboard and Manage Users pages have been modified to improve load time and performance.

Other Enhancements

  • Fixed Hauppauge Tuner Overlay Issue
  • Removed reference to Exchange 2007 on Exchange adapter screen

Conference v.1.14

Added EMS platform services

Conference now supports the EMS Platform Services source, which maps to the new EMS Platform Services Web API, which is due to replace the EMS XML/JSON web services later in 2018.

Added Delphi.FDC

Conference now supports the Delphi.FDC source, which maps to the new Amadeus Delphi.FDC Web API.

 Filter by Event in Delphi I-Server

Conference now supports filtering by Event in the Delphi I-Server source. Event, in Delphi, means event type and is also called meeting name. Conference now matches the capability of AxisTV Design’s property sheet for Delphi I-Server.

Conference v.1.13

CollegeNET Input Source Issue Addressed

The CollegeNET Input Source was randomly failing to import events from rooms because of a bug in the underlying CollegeNET’s GetReservations API when using the “paginate if necessary” flag. The API was not consistent in its behavior when using this flag. This issue has been addressed.

Conference 1.12

 Support for TLS 1.2

AxisTV Conference has been enhanced to support the TLS 1.2 protocol and will automatically degrade to TLS 1.1, then 1.0, then SSL 3.0 if TLS 1.2 is not supported by the server.

Other Enhancements

  • The CollegeNET input for AxisTV Conference now allows multiple spaces to be selected on each input tab and imports all events from all the selected spaces.

>> Request the release notes for any software version for a detailed list of enhancements and fixes.

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