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Running the most current version of our Connect software ensures you get the most from your interactive room signs. Each release improves performance and gives you new tools and features to better manage your shared spaces.

Every client can purchase the updates and our support subscription customers receive them for free. Need some advice? We’re happy to help you pick the best options for both software and hardware upgrades.

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The latest release of our Connect room signs provides support for Windows Server 2016, more configuration control and enhanced security.

Connect 2.9

Workflow enhancements

Several enhancements have been made to key workflows in the Connect Room Sign Manager.

  • The Layout Param workflow has been renamed Layout Settings
  • You can now single-click the following item names to activate the associated workflows
    • Calendar Accounts
    • Devices
    • Administrator | Layouts
    • Administrator | Users
    • Administrator | Room Groups
  • The maximum allowed lengths of the following text values have been increased
    • User ID (E-Mail Address) is now 255 instead of 30
    • Layout Name is now 255 instead of 30
    • Device Name is now 255 instead of 20
    • Calendar Name is now 25 instead of 255

EMS Platform Services added as a calendar type

EMS Platform services has been added as a calendar type in the Connect Room Manager. Clients must configure their client account with EMS Platform Services and register a user within that client account so that it will work with two-way booking.

“Max Future Booking Time” Options Revised

“Max future booking time” choices in the Layout Settings workflow have been reverted to hourly selections.

Minimum Allowed Text Length Revised

The minimum allowed text length has been changed to one (1) character for all non-optional text values, except user password.

Local XML Schemas Implemented

Local XML schemas have been implemented to allow the Java Spring framework to initialize in the absence of internet access. This alleviates the need for customers to grant internet access to the Connect Room Manager in order for it to initialize and start up.

Security Enhancement

All credentials and URLS from the back-end data adapters that were written in PHP, which is clear text, have been removed.

Other enhancements:

  • “Show Next Meeting” Now Works with Google Calendar
  • “Meeting Attendant” Now Works with Google Calendar
  • Various bug fixes
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