Auto-Updating Content to Enhance Your Digital Signage

Have you been looking for new digital signage messages to grab your audience’s attention? Auto-updating content may be the answer. And, best of all, they save you time because you only have to set them up once.

We’ll show you real-world examples of auto-updating content, and how you can include them in your digital signage layouts:

  • Date & Time
  • Weather, News, Sports and Finance
  • Data Visualization
  • Events
  • Bus Schedules
  • Energy Consumption
  • Social Media
  • Gamification

After this 30-minute webinar, you’ll know:

  • What auto-updating content is, and how you can use it to engage your audience
  • Where to get quality auto-updating messages that draw audiences in
  • How you can measure audience engagement, and why it’s important