A Study of Audience Engagement at the College of Charleston

Are your employees and students engaged? Are they responding to your calls to action? Are you tracking and measuring audience response? If you answered no to any of these and need help with audience engagement, this webinar is for you. Digital signage managers consistently struggle with how to engage their audiences with relevant and compelling content. Although we talk about the College of Charleston in this session, we start with some basics that apply to any digital signage audience in any environment:

  • Using attractors
  • Targeted messaging
  • Good, clear design
  • Call to action

Sean Matthews, President of Visix, covers the details, observations and analysis of a digital signage engagement campaign conducted at the College of Charleston School of Business, with college participants on the line for an extensive Q&A. We share:

  • The client’s goals for the campaign
  • The campaign elements and roll-out
  • The quantitative and qualitative results
  • Recommendations for developing engaging digital signage campaigns of your own