6 Tips to Guarantee People Look at Your Digital Signs

Are you trying to improve employee engagement with digital signs? The first step to engagement is attracting people’s attention. Because, if your viewers don’t look at the screens, then you’ve missed an opportunity to engage them. Successful visual communications are a combination of great content, beautiful design and showing your messages in the right place at the right time. In our infographic, we expand on these six important tips:

  • Design beautiful content
  • Show something new
  • Change layouts
  • Use visual hooks
  • Limit playlists
  • Include a call to action

To get started engaging your employees today, contact Visix. In the meantime, grab our infographic for some handy tips to draw attention to your screens:

>> Download the Infographic PDF

Download our infographic to make sure people are looking at your digital signs

Need a little more direction? Read our white paper for great digital signage on Day 1.