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Communicate Better.

Visix helps over 1000 campuses engage their audiences every day with our digital signage, interactive wayfinding and room sign solutions. 

AxisTV Campus lets you share content management across campus with unlimited user accounts delivering content to an unlimited number of players and screens. Campus supports commonly used higher education applications like 25Live, EMS and Google Calendar while providing the content approval workflows needed by universities.

Our award-winning digital signage software, wayfinding and room signs all have new features to help you better communicate across campus. Contact us to find out how we can help your campus communicate better.

Communicate Better with Visix

Didn’t get all the info at the show?

No problem. We’re happy to provide product information and answer any questions you have.

AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.25

Enterprise digital signage for your campus…

The latest version of our digital signage software has improved UI customization options, sort and filter functionality, organizational tools and security policies.

Version 1.25 includes personal profile settings to let individual users customize the UI with their own preferences. You can choose what’s displayed in various areas of the CMS (such as viewing details or thumbnails under different playlists) for a personalized user experience.

The release also includes heightened sort and filter intelligence for more refined data mapping to external sources, such as calendars, XML or JSON, and easier configuration of data-triggered content using conditional logic.

Version 1.25 also refines our CMS administrative tools with expanded hierarchy policies for user accounts and permissions. Administrators can now limit the message types assigned to individuals to streamline workflows, and can also create new user accounts through an easy copy function, either manually or using Active Directory workflows. New security policy options include password rules, intrusion rules and auto-logout settings.

  • Organizational tools and hierarchy policies
  • UI personalization options
  • Smart widgets for transforming data presentation
  • Expanded security parameters
AxisTV Signage Suite Software for Campus Communications
AxisTV Signage Suite Cloud

AxisTV Signage Suite Cloud

All the features, none of the maintenance…

Our enterprise-class solution for cloud-based digital signage gives you all the features of our premise-based solution, with a smaller initial purchase and fewer maintenance responsibilities.

Visix’s cloud solution gives clients 24/7 access to a hosted content management server running the AxisTV Signage Suite CMS. Subscription fees include all Signage Suite software updates on the server and media players, CMS monitoring and backups, server maintenance and access to priority software support. Cloud clients also get free updates for AxisTV Design, our desktop design application.

Choose a cloud option for any of our Team, Workgroup, Enterprise or Campus editions. Software subscription fees depend on licensing, and we have financing options available to help offset hardware costs.

  • Smaller cash outlay for hardware
  • Free software updates for server and media players
  • CMS monitoring and backups
  • Priority software support

AxisTV Alert

CAP-compliant notifications for any CMS…

Our stand-alone alerting platform can be used alongside any digital signage content management solution, including AxisTV Signage Suite. It gives you time-saving workflows to deliver important updates and critical alerts across your digital signage system. The platform isn’t cluttered with non-alert items, and is streamlined to make publishing alerts fast and easy.

  • Works with any digital signage content management solution
  • Built around Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) standards
  • Easily integrates with third-party suites like Alertus and Rave Mobile Safety
AxisTV Alert CAP Notifications
Touch Interactive Room Signs are the most customizable on the market

Touch Interactive Room Signs

The most customizable room sign in the world…

Our Touch interactive meeting room signs have a brand-new UI with more customization options than any competitive product currently available.

Touch room signs are driven by Visix’s AxisTV Signage Suite software, and support calendar display and bidirectional booking with Exchange and Office 365. Using the platform’s intuitive design tools and CMS scheduler, clients can customize both playback layouts and the on-screen booking interface for the 10-inch touchscreens.

Users can tailor logos, fonts, colors, backgrounds, interactive buttons, spacing and placement of screen elements, as well as selecting and formatting schedule data. The signs can also be wrapped with custom faceplates to match organizational branding or environmental décor.

  • Extensive data selection and playback options
  • Customize every element of playback
  • Customize your two-way booking features
  • Get customized faceplates

Connect v.3.0 Room Sign

Stand-alone space management…

Our Connect meeting room sign has a new Android UI that’s been updated and streamlined for a cleaner, more professional user experience. 

Connect is a stand-alone room management solution that doesn’t require our CMS, and the new UI makes using the room signs faster, easier, and more reliable and secure for a vastly-improved user experience.

Connect room signs support calendar display and bidirectional booking from Microsoft Exchange and Exchange 365, EMS Platform Services, Google Calendars and 25Live from CollegeNET. The UI lets clients book, start, extend, end or cancel meetings at the room sign, and has a host of professional space management features like drop-down calendars, room availability search, technology icons and resource reporting, administrative PIN controls and more.

  • New, streamlined Android UI
  • Start, extend, end or cancel meetings
  • Group signs or publish to individual units
  • See room status instantly with availability lights
Connect v3 Interactive Room Signs from Visix

Voice-Activated Wayfinding (VUI)

Add a voice user interface to any digital sign…

We’ve added voice-activated wayfinding to our interactive offering to help improve the viewer experience for any type of content. A voice user interface (VUI) paired with interactive designs from our award-winning team uses speech recognition to understand spoken commands and questions, then show requested maps and directories for hands-free wayfinding. 

User-led interactions can increase engagement and streamline searching, making the process more convenient and efficient. VUI can also help meet ADA guidelines by providing interaction options for the visually impaired, and addresses healthcare concerns about the transmission of germs.

Did you know we also create award-winning interactive donor boards, information kiosks, menu boards and more?  

  • Hands-free, voice-activated wayfinding
  • VUI for any interactive project
  • ADA-friendly and germ-free

Four-Output Media Player

Use 2, 3 or 4 outputs. We won’t judge…

Our new small form factor device provides a flexible playback solution with two-, three- or four-output playback.

This is the smallest, most powerful and most flexible multi-output player that we’ve ever offered. It addresses a wide range of client needs with crucial features like EDID emulation and bezel correction, and is a great option for anyone who wants built-in flexibility for reconfiguration or expansion in their digital signage system.

The new player combines the convenience of an SFF device with the power and features of a video wall player, allowing display of up to four video streams. The device has 8GB of memory, 120 GB SSD storage, and is just 8.17 inches wide x 6.01 inches deep x 1.87 inches high, with the power supply integrated into the chassis. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 64-bit OS, Vega-based graphics, and optimized performance settings provide enterprise-class performance without the usual enterprise price tag.

  • Two-, three- or four-output playback
  • EDID emulation and bezel correction
  • Enterprise performance without the enterprise price tag
Four-Output Media Player
Nano Digital Signage Player is only 2.75 inches square

Nano Digital Signage Player

Good things come in small packages…

This ultra-small form factor appliance has a tiny footprint at just 2.75 inches square, and is purpose-built to provide reliable 1080p playback for digital signs.

The Nano is Visix’s smallest player yet, and is designed to fit anywhere – behind displays and other tight spaces where a compact footprint is a requirement. This is a perfect player for less video-intensive applications that still demand highly reliable performance from a compact, economical digital signage player.

The Nano player integrates robust features including 64GB eMMC storage, 4GB LPDDR4 memory for performance, and support for wired and wireless networking. It’s powered by the Intel® Apollo Lake Celeron N3350 Processor and comes with a Kensington security port.

  • 2.75″ x 2.75″ x 1.25″ footprint
  • Reliable 1080p playback
  • Perfect for less video-intensive applications