Keep Your Digital Signage Software Updated

Digital signage software updates to a more current version of your Visix applications can improve system performance, expand functionality and provide you with new tools to reach your audience with dynamic visual communications.

Support agreement customers receive free software updates, while other clients can purchase the applicable upgrade. Our Client Services Group will work with you to determine the best options for both software and hardware upgrades.

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Notice: Effective August 31st, 2014, Visix has ended support of AxisTV versions prior to 8.0. Downloadable software updates are available at no charge to customers with a current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). Click Here to request the most recent version of AxisTV Software.


AxisTV version 9.0 was released on March 6, 2015, and premiers our new AxisTV Design application – a desktop designer for templates, messages and layouts.

Cool Workspace. Quick Widgets. Cloud Sync.
AxisTV Design provides an intuitive, powerful design environment for creating messages, templates and layouts right on your desktop. It uses a completely new user interface modeled after familiar Microsoft Office designs, and improves upon all of your favorite design tools and features in AxisTV.

This robust application lets you place design elements exactly where you want them with timesaving tools that make it simple to build stunning content to capture your audience’s attention.

  • Drag-and-drop widgets
  • Guides and rulers with snap
  • Flexible workspace sizing
  • Familiar user interface
  • Design offline and sync later

You can create your messages, templates and layouts from scratch or from a previous design. You can also modify these designs between AxisTV Design and AxisTV Desktop interchangeably without disruption.

Because AxisTV Design runs on the desktop, users can create content offline when they need to and synchronize with the system once they’re connected to the network. You can share publishing authority with multiple users or set up an approval process to limit access.

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AxisTV Conference version 1.2 was released on March 6, 2015, with a host of new enhancements and bug fixes for improved user experience when combining and exporting data for EPS room signs.

Show More Events
You can now show 10 events per room, rather than 5, on EPS room signs.

Show Longer Event Names
You can now show longer event names – up to 80 characters – on EPS room signs.

Easy Source Testing
Every input source tab now has a “Test Source” button that allows you to quickly import sources, and view the results and errors that were encountered during the import.

Today’s Events Only
EPS room signs work best with only one day’s events shown on the screen, so we’ve limited the exporter to output only today’s events. (Be sure to divide multi-day events into a series of events with beginning and end times within the same day.)

Handy Rooms Textbox
For EPS room signs, you can manually enter room names, one per line, and quickly add all of the rooms that have been selected in the Input Sources tabs. (Be sure to fill out the Input Sources tabs before trying to use the “Add from Input Sources” button or it will have no effect.) The EPS exporter will then export event data for only the rooms listed in the Rooms textbox.

Customize “No Events” Message
By default, the EPS exporter will show “No events schedule” when there are no events for a room, but this text can be changed as the user wishes. (Note: It cannot be blank or over 80 characters.)

Importers Now Skip “Bad” Rows
If an error occurs in a given row, the data importers will continue processing. Values of NULL or empty strings are not considered errors, and will be treated as default or empty values, respectively.

Delphi I-Server Importer Supports the Combination of ‘Event Post As’ & ‘Booking Post As’
In mapping the Event Name using Delphi, the field “Event Post As” will be used unless it is blank, then the field “Booking Post As” will be used instead. Users can also configure the Delphi Input Source to combine these two fields into a single field separated by a dash (-).

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­For a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes, please request the release notes using the link at the top of the page.

Note: Conference can be used in conjunction with AxisTV digital signage software, or as a stand-alone application to power your EPS room signs. Please contact the Visix sales team for pricing and options.



AxisTV version 8.5.1 was released on November 10, 2014, with the premiere of AxisTV Conference and a host of new enhancements and bug fixes for improved user experience, efficiencies and convenience.

Introducing AxisTV Conference
AxisTV Conference is a new application that brings powerful event schedule data mapping to AxisTV. With two new windows applications – one configuration user interface and one service – AxisTV Conference pulls together event schedules from a variety of event management systems, including: Microsoft Exchange, Dean Evans & Associates EMS and Master Calendar, CollegeNet 25Live, Google Calendar, Newmarket Delphi, and more.

AxisTV Conference includes support for multiple event management systems in the same installation, including multiple systems of the same type. One installation can also support multiple content managers within an organization.

AxisTV Conference exports to the AxisTV Event Schedule Text Adapter, and can also pull together event schedules and workspace reservations for display on MeetingMinder™ EPS room signs.

You can install AxisTV Conference on a content manager or you can install it on another Windows computer, as long as the operating system is Windows 7 or higher or Windows Server 2008 or higher.

Support for Exchange Room Delegation
AxisTV’s Exchange Server Adapter for interactive MeetingMinder™ room signs now supports Delegation. Delegation in Exchange was created as a means of delegating approval – a delegate can approve or deny room meeting requests, for example.  This facilitates two-way booking in Exchange Delegation environments.

Improved HD Playback
A new utility, mediamap.exe, has been added to the channel player to allow clients to choose which media handler – QuickTime or Windows Media – plays MOV, MP4 and M4V video streams. These settings are global on the player, so you just have to set it once to have all specified file types played by your preferred media handler. You can set each individual player for maximum flexibility.

Administrative Enhancements
AxisTV v.8.5.1 includes a rich array of options and enhancements to make administration and configuration easier and more versatile:

Copy User Profiles to Save Time
When adding a new user, click the “Based on User Selected” button to duplicate all settings in the profile, except for Username, Email Address, & Password.

Turn Off Silverlight on the Home Page
Want to skip the dashboard to save load time? We’ve added a configuration option to enable or disable Silverlight on the welcome page, while leaving it active on all other applets in the web user interface.

Unused Alert Modes can be Easily Removed
You can now remove unused Alert modes with just a few clicks. In the content manager’s web user interface, navigate to Manage | Purge to display a list of unused alert modes. You can “Select All” or choose individual modes to remove, then simply select “Purge Selected Alert Modes” at the bottom of the page.

Additional Player and Publisher Notifications
We’ve leveraged the existing AxisTV Alarms feature to provide you with more timely information regarding publication failures to channel players and player publishers.  Simply configure an email address for notifications in the System Tools | Alarms | Configure Alarms page in the web user interface.

Enhanced User Experience
AxisTV v.8.5.1 includes various options and workflow improvements to enhance the user experience:

Improved Channel Player Snapshots
We’ve added a new “Select All” checkbox on the Channel Player Snapshot screen. Users can check this checkbox to select all Channel Players in the table or uncheck this checkbox to deselect all Channel Players in the table. Also, users now have the ability to view player snapshots while an alert is active from the Mass Alert Notification Activated screen, depending on the User’s privileges. This allows users to verify that the alert is running.

Easier File Names
When importing, you can now use the file name as the graphic or message name. This is true for Upload Still Image, Upload Video Clip, and Import Web workflows. These workflows have been modified to allow the user to browse to all files first, then default the graphic, video or message name to the file name (without extension or path) if the name is currently empty or blank.

Various Workflow Improvements

  • All schedule screens now enforce a range of 2003 to 2020 to avoid scheduling too far into the future.
  • Ampersand (&) can now be included in imported message names.
  • Channel player descriptions are now visible in the Configure | Publisher | Assigned Players tab and Configure | Security | Users | General tab workflows.
  • The Purge Unused Event Values page is now consistently available from the Configure | Event Schedule | Purge Unused Event Values menu.
  • News messages, event messages and news tickers can no longer be placed into folders to avoid errors caused by scheduling these multi-message and multi-tickers as groups.
  • The Configure | Channel Player | Interactive page has been updated to display the full URL and associated username, making it easy to tell which Exchange calendar is associated with each MeetingMinder™ room sign.

For a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes, please request the release notes.



AxisTV version 8.4 was released on July 25, 2014, with new tools and features to make your life easier.

Screensaver and Desktop Messenger Made Easier
Do you need to perform mass installations of the AxisTV Screensaver or Desktop Messenger? A new MSI installer is available for you. AxisTV Screensaver also now supports playback when a user is not logged into the machine. It also is supported for Windows 8.1.

Contact Visix Technical Support to request the MSI Installers.

New Modern Weather Icons
New weather icons give the standard weather service a stylish, modern look. Or, take advantage of our Premium Weather Service with its redesigned weather modules for beautiful animated weather messaging that grabs attention.

Displaying it All
The AxisTV Channel Player has been modified so that Web pages and other content requiring the use of overlays will play successfully on a Channel Player with the 64-bit Windows 7 Operating System. By limiting these elements to 32-bit, we maintain compatibility with third-party players such as Flash, QuickTime and PowerPoint that may not be fully compatible with 64-bit Windows. No blank boxes. No odd, floating content. Just clear, clean messages for your displays.

For a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes, please request the release notes.



AxisTV version 8.3 was released on October 8, 2013. It contains the following new features and enhancements:

Alert Auditing
Visibility and accountability are paramount in alert communications. Now, AxisTV provides you with visibility into historical alert incidents, as well as ongoing alert incidents. It does so by auditing alert actions – including activation, deactivation, updates and configuration.

Idle Time out for Kiosks
Layout designers now have the option to configure Hot Spots so that Full-Screen Kiosks will time out after a specified time period in which there has been no keyboard, mouse or touch actions to the kiosk. This is enhancement applies to both the Kiosk Wizard in the Web User Interface and the Layout Editor.

AxisTV v.8.3 also offers notable bug fixes related to the following features: Alert Layouts, Changing device names via the Channel Player utility and the R25 Event Schedule adapter.

For a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes, please request the release notes.



AxisTV version 8.2 was released on June 27, 2013. It contains bug fixes and enhancements for the new AxisTV version 8 platform previously released. Version 8 has a completely redesigned user interface, improved workflows and support for 64-bit server. If you have not already updated to version 8, please see the 8.0 section below for more details on the new AxisTV platform.

AxisTV v.8.2 contains three exciting new features:

Full Screen Kiosking
AxisTV Channel Players now support full-screen kiosks including web portals and custom applications, and are activated by touching hot spots. Full-screen kiosks are easy to configure, following a simple 3 step web-based wizard, and are great for Room Booking, Wayfinding, Queuing and any Self-Service application.

Hot Spots
Manual hot spot configuration is useful for tweaking full-screen kiosk layouts and for testing kiosks prior to deployment. Manual hot spot configuration also gives you access to actions like “reboot player” and “switch desktop”.

Support for animated layout backgrounds
Increase the visual appeal of your displays by using animated layout backgrounds. You can assign one or more Windows Media video files to play seamlessly behind all your other content.

In addition to the new features above, AxisTV version 8.2 also offers improvements to the Video Window tuning option for customers who are using analog video feed and Windows 7 OS on their Channel Player.

For a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes, please request the release notes.



AxisTV version 8.1 was released on February 22, 2013. It contains bug fixes and enhancements for the new AxisTV version 8 platform previously released. Version 8 has a completely redesigned user interface, improved workflows and support for 64-bit server. If you have not already updated to version 8, please see the 8.0 section below for more details on the new AxisTV platform.

Notable enhancements in 8.1 include several improvements to the Event Schedule feature. Users now have the ability to display end times within Event Schedule Messages and can adjust event times for scheduled events. Users will also see improvements to filters and sorting.

Video Tuning has been enhanced to provide expanded compatibility and more reliable video playback for channel players with the Windows 7 operating system. Additionally, this release includes several fixes for defects identified in previous releases. Most notably 8.1 addresses a defect in version 8.0.2 related to importing media through the web interface.

For a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes, please request the release notes.



AxisTV Version 8.0 was released on August 31, 2012, and v.8.1 is the current build. Download of the new software is free to all customers with a current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA). Visix is excited to introduce the following new features and enhancements in AxisTV 8.0:

Newly Designed User Interface 
AxisTV’s user interface still runs in a web browser, but has been redesigned to provide a cleaner, more consistent content management experience. Both navigation and workflows have been improved by the new interface design:

  1. The main menu uses a simple tab based design for intuitive navigation.
  2. Submenus rely on icon-based navigation for faster visual recognition and use.
  3. Page refreshes are faster to speed up previewing and content management.
  4. Content thumbnails have been enlarged for easier viewing.

Improved Workflows
Multi-page workflows have been collapsed into single pages for convenience and improved efficiency.

New Background Library
AxisTV v.8.0 also includes a completely new background library designed by the Visix Creative Services team. It includes an assortment of handsome layout backgrounds in five color schemes and various resolutions with matching message background sets for each. Clients can choose from the free background library when creating digital signage content or upload their own designs in a variety of aspect ratios. A handy foldering system makes background management simple and intuitive.

Support for Content Manager on 64 bit server
AxisTV Content Manager can now be installed on a 64 bit server. The AxisTV Content Manager is compatible with Windows 7 and Server 2008 Operating Systems (32 bit or 64 bit).

Note: In order to upgrade to AxisTV Version 8.x  you must verify that your current hardware meets the minimum specifications. These specifications can be found in the AxisTV Technical Manual. Please contact Visix at if you have any questions. If your current hardware does not meet minimum requirements, Visix offers a hardware trade in program with discounts on hardware for existing customers.

For a complete list of enhancements and bug fixes, please request the release notes.