Powerful features for engagement

In your business, school or hospital, you have a lot of people to communicate with, and each of these audiences needs specific information at different times and places. AxisTV gives you a powerful set of enterprise features that lets you streamline participation, content creation and message delivery.

Key Features

Active Directory Authentication

With Active Directory support, your users don’t have to keep up with login names and passwords. Authentication is taken care of so they can just focus on building engaging content, while administrators don’t waste time resetting credentials.

User Rights, Roles and Access Management

Administrators can assign predefined user roles or create custom roles to provide the right level of privileges for each user. Access to playlists and media players can be set per user or department, and profiles can be quickly replicated as more people join in.

Event Data Integration

AxisTV easily imports calendar data from your scheduling application to show room and event schedules on digital signs. Our Conference app pulls together schedules from a variety of calendar programs, integrating with the scheduling system you’re already using.

Live Data Integration

Keep your audience updated in real-time with live data integration from a variety of sources. AxisTV seamlessly pulls data into a variety of formats. You can pull data feeds into selected message templates, show text feeds as tickers and display webpages for full graphics and data visualizations.

Touchscreen Kiosking

AxisTV lets you insert an interactive hot spot into your layout to launch full-screen kiosking. This doubles your screen real estate, so you can offer interactive wayfinding, queueing management, room booking and more – all while delivering your daily messages in the original layout.


Show five-day forecasts and current weather conditions from AccuWeather with animated icons that grab attention. You can also show free weather content from the National Weather Service to keep your audience safe and up to date.


Use news-in-pictures and market financial graphics to grab attention and keep your audience informed. Show market and stock performance, news, sports and entertainment as stand-alone feeds, or choose our three-pack bundle. You can also pull in news from any RSS feed on the web.

Excel and XML

Import XML and Excel information directly into your digital signage messages for any easy way to map to dynamic data like department statistics, production data, directory information and menu boards.

CAP-Compliant Alert Triggers

AxisTV’s alert mode lets you override scheduled content with a few clicks – replace all messages on the entire system or choose specific players to override for local alerts. You can activate alerts in the software interface, with an email, using CAP triggers (Common Alerting Protocol), or we provide an API for third-party systems to trigger alert notices.

Web Content

Show live webpage content that’s unique to your organization or industry. Easily point to dashboards, performance metrics, intranet content, or location-specific content like:

  • SharePoint
  • Social Media
  • Shuttle Mapping
  • Energy Dashboards

Messaging Publishers

Our optional publishers let you send digital signage messages beyond displays to thousands of screens you already own:

  • Desktop Messenger
  • Screensaver Publisher
  • Mobile Module
  • RSS Publisher
digital room signs icon

Support for Room Signs

AxisTV lets you publish your event schedules, messages, media and alerts to our Touch interactive room signs to keep your meeting participants updated, on time and on track.

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No. You can easily integrate your Active Directory databases to manage all of your user privileges. And you can customize user permissions and roles in AxisTV to fit your needs.

Yes. AxisTV easily integrates with Exchange, EMS, Google, 25Live, Delphi by Amadeus Hospitality and other popular scheduling applications to show your current event schedules on screens and room signs.

If you have an emergency, AxisTV’s alert mode lets you override what’s playing on screens across the system or in specific locations. You can trigger alerts in the CMS, using an email, an API talking to another system, or Common Alerting Protocol (CAP).

Enterprise Focus

Our software is designed specifically for organizational communications. We’ve been delivering communication solutions to businesses and campuses for more than 15 years. With 3,000+ installations, we have the experience and technology you need to easily deploy, manage and maintain your digital signage system.

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