Data-driven communications

In our information age, real-time data is everything. Your audiences need the most current statistics, facts and figures to do their jobs effectively and measure progress. Project teams need to know where they stand, and meeting participants have to know where and when they can collaborate.

AxisTV’s advanced data integration options let you show real-time data to inform and motivate across your organization. And the best thing is that your data auto-updates, so you can manage it at the source and the changes will display immediately.

Popular data sources:

Event Schedules

AxisTV seamlessly integrates with popular scheduling applications like Exchange, Exchange 365, EMS, Google Calendar, 25Live by CollegeNET, Delphi by Amadeus Hospitality and more. Show your room and event calendars to be sure your audience is up to date, on time and on track.

Conference App

Our Conference app gives you a desktop tool to pull and combine data from seven different scheduling applications – and multiple instances of those systems – to return a combined schedule for each room and resource. Let each department manage their own calendars, then you combine all the data to display on your screens.

Excel and XML

Show data you already have in Excel and XML on your screens. AxisTV gives you multiple formatting options to create compelling messages, showing real-time stats and information like enrollment totals, athletics scores, training stats, sales numbers, progress to goals – anything you can put into rows and columns.


Keep your project teams on point, show dashboards, or simply advertise your intranet by showing SharePoint on your screens. Visix’s webpage message tool pulls in your SharePoint site without bothersome logins or authentication. Set it up once and show it off daily.

News & RSS

Show current news and updates from any RSS feed as messages and tickers. Simply point to the source of the feed and tell AxisTV where and when you want it to play. We also have content subscriptions available for a variety of news sources and types.


Show off your social media, point to weather images and show real-time shuttle maps with our webpage message tool. Just input the URL of the webpage with your graphics or data, and you can show real-time webpages on your big screens with ease.

For a full list of AxisTV integration options, contact us.

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No problem. Our Conference combiner can pull data from multiple calendars and combine it for a single, unified schedule that you can display on screens.

That’s up to you. Our AxisTV Utilities tool lets you select and crop webpages, so you only see the part of the page you want to. You should also match your content to the content block so your images aren’t squashed or stretched.

No problem. AxisTV will pull the data calculated by the formula into your message. You can choose how your numbers display with our multiple formatting options.

Automatic Content

With AxisTV’s powerful data integration tools, you can set up messages and tickers one time and then manage your data at the source. As you make changes to your spreadsheet, webpage or event schedule, that data will automatically update the next time your messages publish to players, saving you valuable time while reinforcing current information.

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