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Digital Signage Content Creation

Your digital signage should be a natural extension of your brand, culture and environment.

Let our award-winning digital signage specialists bring their experience in design and usability techniques to your project. We can provide anything from branded background sets to custom interactive designs.

Our creative team will incorporate your colors, fonts and graphics into your design, making sure each component is uniquely tailored to your project. Each component is specifically created for use in digital signage applications with proven color, contrast and layout systems factored into your graphics:

  • Create dynamic, eye-catching layout elements tailored to your brand
  • Incorporate photos, video, games and more
  • Design quick-fill AxisTV templates for message continuity
  • Customize PowerPoint templates for easy creation outside the system
  • Set up pre-configured alert templates and department notices
  • Animate static logos, text and graphics for more impact
  • Create energy usage dashboards and real-time shuttle mapping
  • Encourage audience participation with QR Tags, SMS Polls and more
  • Design custom wayfinding maps and directories to help direct visitors

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Digital Signage Directory Board
Touchscreen Directory and Wayfinding from Visix
Digital Signage Interactive Directory Design
Interactive Directory Design for University Digital Signage
Touchscreen Directory Design for College Digital Signage
Digital Signage Touchscreen Directory

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Help Visitors Find What They Need

Offer your visitors a self-help option to navigate your facility and quickly find who or what they’re looking for with an interactive directory.

Touchscreen directories are modern and efficient, allowing people to guide themselves instead of relying on receptionists or information desks. They also save you the cost of printing costly listings and directional signs.

Our custom touchscreen directories are uniquely formatted to your brand and your facility with options to locate places, individuals, departments, events and more. Directories can be incorporated into wayfinding designs, or stand on their own. They can also include playlists for traditional digital signage content.

Show contact information, photos, biographies and locations with the option of touchscreen maps and point-to-point directions. Using a database to feed the directory allows you to quickly update information on all screens at once.

  • Show people, departments and more
  • Include bios, contact information and service hours
  • Stand-alone or combined with wayfinding and digital signage messages
  • Customized to your brand

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Donor Boards

University Donor Board Design Services
Interactive Digital Signage Donor Board Design
Digital Signage Donor Board
Touchscreen Donor Board Design
Healthcare Digital Signage Donor Board

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Honor Your Supporters

Digital donor boards are a thoughtful way to honor your current patrons and entice future donors through an attention-grabbing, interactive display. Recognize donors, present your organization’s mission and values, and promote ongoing donor recruitment programs using your big screens.

Our interactive donor boards are fed by data that you can easily update as you have additions or changes, ensuring that your patrons are instantly recognized for their contributions.

These custom designs are tailored to your brand and environment, and can include as much interactivity as you need.

  • List donors alphabetically and by category
  • Show photos or videos to tell donors’ individual stories
  • Promote ongoing donor programs and provide instructions for giving
  • Eliminate static, expensive name plates and plaques

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Menu Boards

Digital Signage Menu Board
Digital Signage Menu Board Design
Digital Sign Menu Board Design
University Menu Board Design for Digital Signs
Digital Signage Menu Board Design Services
School Menu Board Design for Digital Signage
Digital Menu Boards for Universities & Colleges

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Making You Look Good

You only have a short time to grab your audience’s attention and entice them to make a purchase. Improve the customer experience, drive revenues, cut printing costs and stay up-to-date with digital menus.

Our custom menu board designs can be static or dynamic – using beautiful animation to catch the eye of your viewers. You can make changes and update prices instantly by accessing a user-friendly database. Segment your screens to show lists of menu items and pricing, special promotions or external advertising.

  • Promote new menu items
  • Daypart to run menus and specials when appropriate
  • Show nutritional information
  • Control menus in multiple locations
  • Reduce wait times and decrease printing costs

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Social Media

Show Off Your Social Media

Visix Social Media BoardsHighlight your social media pages with our animated Twitter, Facebook and YouTube designs. Create buzz and excitement around your posts, attract more followers and keep everyone up-to-date.

Social media is a perfect contribution to digital signage because it creates a dialogue instead of just one-way communications. People can view, follow or post to be a part of the process.

Our social media boards are customized to your brand and can be either interactive or static. Designs can either be full-screen or can include an area for daily announcements using matching message backgrounds.

Choose from either our custom 9:16 full-screen or a 4:3 module that you can insert into your normal playlist.

4:3 or 16:9 Twitter Module
The 4:3 Twitter Module shows the last three tweets from one Twitter feed as a message in any playlist, incorporating the social media logo, client’s logo and colors.

Full Screen Portrait Twitter Board 
Our 9:16 Twitter Board shows your Twitter feed as a full screen display. The layout incorporates the social media logo, client’s logo and colors, with a custom QR code built into the layout to drive visitors to your Twitter feed on their smartphones. This is also available for use on touchscreens, which allows users to scroll through a list of tweets.

Theme Packs

Branded Theme Packs for Digital SignageBranded Theme Packs

Why not use every inch of your screen to send a message. By using themes, you can present layouts that enforce your brand, look better and are easier to read.

The Visix creative team will design a branded theme for your digital signage system and make it available to all users. Your theme pack includes all of these color-coordinated items:

  • 3 Layouts with branded background in a single resolution
  • Client logo and colors incorporated into each layout
  • 20 Coordinated message backgrounds
  • 1 Flash date/time module
  • 1 Round of design revisions
  • Loading theme into your content manager


Custom Theme Packs for Digital SignageCustom Theme Packs

All elements of the Custom Theme Pack are decided upon during the one hour consultation.  The Custom Theme Pack incorporates the client’s logo, colors, brand specifications and imagery:

  • Custom layouts with custom background in up to 3 resolutions
  • Logo incorporated into each layout
  • Coordinated message backgrounds
  • Flash date/time module
  • Flash Accuweather module (if client has an Accuweather subscription)
  • 2 Rounds of design revisions
  • 1 hour Creative Services consultation
  • Loading theme into your content manager